10 bold Denver Broncos predictions for the 2024 NFL offseason

Let's make 10 bold predictions for the Denver Broncos 2024 offseason!

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5. The Denver Broncos will CUT Jarrett Stidham

I think Jarrett Stidham is fine as a backup. He's nothing special, but he did fit Payton's offense better than Russell Wilson did. However, there are going to be many better options at QB for the Broncos than Stidham. I think what you could expect this QB room to look like in 2024 is a rookie draft pick paired with a bridge QB.

Right now, Stidham is probably the leader in the clubhouse to have that bridge QB role, but I think Denver can easily find an upgrade. QBs like Jacoby Brissett, Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins, Gardner Minshew, and Jimmy Garoppolo, if cut by the Raiders, would all be significant upgrades over Stidham.

Plus, the Denver Broncos would have a better chance to win games with the formerly mentioned QBs under center. Jimmy Garoppolo might actually be the best option for the team. He's been a backup before to a young QB. He's also played very efficient football during his career and has also started in a Super Bowl.

He probably presents the highest upside if Sean Payton would still want to win games while trying to develop a rookie passer, and Garoppolo seems beloved by his teammates. I think the team ends up cutting Jarrett Stidham in 2024. Doing so would save them $5 million on their 2024 cap number. I think that would be significant savings given he is a QB2 player.