10 bold Denver Broncos predictions for the 2024 NFL offseason

Let's make 10 bold predictions for the Denver Broncos 2024 offseason!

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2. The Broncos will make a second-round selection in the 2024 NFL Draft

The Broncos did not have a second-round pick going into the 2023 NFL Draft, but traded UP into the second round to select Marvin Mims Jr from Oklahoma. That worked out well for the team, as Mims quickly established himself as one of the best returners in football. Denver does not have a second-round pick in 2024 as of now.

However, I think they will again get themselves into round two. One way they could do this would be to get a second-round pick back in a trade. The Broncos could trade players like Garett Bolles, Justin Simmons, or Jerry Jeudy. However, none of them would likely fetch a second-rounder. But consider the possibility of the Broncos getting draft capital back for both Simmons and Jeudy and using that capital to get themselves into the second round.

I do think the second round is a sweet spot in the NFL Draft, as teams don't typically overdraft in this round, and there is still, usually, a ton of talent. I think when you start to creep toward the 100th overall pick and beyond, that's where the draft becomes a bit of a crapshoot, if you will. The second round would be a great place for Denver to be.

And I think they have realistic shot at picking in R2 during the 2024 NFL Draft.