10 biggest trade mistakes for the Denver Broncos in franchise history

- The Russell Wilson trade?

- The worst draft day trade ever?

- Destroying the team from 2009-2010

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7. Tony Scheffler traded to the Detroit Lions

The Tony Scheffler trade to the Detroit Lions represented one among a large number of huge problems Josh McDaniels had as a coach/GM in his short time with the Denver Broncos. From 2006-08, Tony Scheffler had ascended as one of the better pass-catching tight ends in the NFL. During the 2008 season, Scheffler ranked 8th in the league among tight ends with 645 receiving yards on just 40 total receptions.

When Josh McDaniels came to down in 2009, he didn't necessarily see the long-term value in Scheffler as a pass-catcher, and after letting Scheffler play out the 2009 season in Denver, he shipped him off to the Detroit Lions in a three-team deal with the Philadelphia Eagles which involved linebacker Ernie Sims going from Detroit to Philadelphia.

The Broncos got a 5th-round pick back from the Eagles in exchange for Scheffler, and that pick ended up being used on talented but troubled cornerback Perrish Cox.

It wasn't so much that the Broncos traded Scheffler, but more about what this trade represented. Josh McDaniels must have thought he replaced Scheffler in the 2009 NFL Draft by using a second-round pick on North Carolina tight end Richard Quinn, another player acquired in another one of the worst trades in Denver Broncos history.

In that trade, the Broncos acquired pick no. 64 overall as well as a fourth-round pick (no. 132 overall) in exchange for picks 79 and 84 overall. Those two picks going from the Broncos to the Steelers (64 and 132) represent a value of 310 points on the NFL Draft pick value chart while picks 79 and 84 carry a value of 365 points. The difference of 55 points there is equal to a mid-4th-round pick.

Quinn only played two seasons in Denver and finished with more tackles (10) than receptions (4).