10 best-case scenario Denver Broncos predictions for 2023

- Broncos taking home hardware

- Sweeping the Chiefs?

- Best-case scenario predictions for 2023

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7. Broncos sweep the Chiefs

Alright, now we're getting into the overly bold section of the predictions, but we're talking about best-case scenario aren't we? The Broncos play the Chiefs twice in a matter of just a couple of weeks, one of the matchups on the road for Thursday Night Football and the next one in Denver a few weeks later. As we sit here, the Broncos have lost about 100 straight games to the Chiefs dating back to 2015. What's worse? The Chiefs have won the Super Bowl twice since the Broncos won Super Bowl 50.

It's painful for Broncos Country.

But also as we sit here today, there remains a non-zero chance of the Broncos beating the Chiefs twice. Beating them once would likely feel like winning it all, but beating them twice? Well, that might convince the locker room that they can win a championship.

8. Broncos find a way to win the AFC West

We are talking best-case scenario, remember? Even in Peyton Manning's heyday with the Broncos, I remember the Chiefs teams with Alex Smith giving the Broncos fits all year. Some seasons came down to the wire even with the Broncos winning 12 or more games. Is it likely that anyone in the AFC West will dethrone the Chiefs? It doesn't feel that way, but again, we're in the Lloyd Christmas "you're telling me there's a chance?" phase of the year still.

Anything in possible until it's officially not. Winning the AFC West would potentially ensure a top two seed in the AFC overall given how good the Chiefs will be, and you have to expect them to win at least 11 games.