10 best-case scenario Denver Broncos predictions for 2023

- Broncos taking home hardware

- Sweeping the Chiefs?

- Best-case scenario predictions for 2023

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5. Javonte Williams wins the NFL rushing title

I don't know how far-fetched this one is, but it will be based on Javonte Williams' health and how much the Broncos are willing to give him the ball all year. Sean Payton is all about preserving backs, but if Javonte has the hot hand, why take the ball out of it?

Williams has an innate ability to create yardage after contact, and those kinds of backs are the ones winning NFL rushing titles these days. Obviously, expectations for Williams have to be tempered slightly given the fact that he's coming off of a major injury, but there have also been no indications this entire offseason that he's suffered any sort of setback whatsoever.

Every indication we've gotten is that he's full steam ahead.

6. Broncos win majority of one-score games

Last year, the Denver Broncos played 17 games, just like every other team. Of those games, just four were decided by more than one score. The Broncos lost three. That means the Broncos were 4-9 in games decided by one score last season.

Now, imagine that number was flipped around. If the Broncos had still one 1-3 in blowout games but won 9 of 13 one-score games, they would have gone 10-7 on the year. They were not far off, despite having horrendous coaching and injury luck on top of everything else.

The Minnesota Vikings, for a frame of reference, were an astonishing 11-0 in one-score games during the regular season last year. If the Broncos can even find a way to win a majority of their one-score games, which history tells us most of the games will end up being, then the playoffs are back in frame.