10 best-case scenario Denver Broncos predictions for 2023

- Broncos taking home hardware

- Sweeping the Chiefs?

- Best-case scenario predictions for 2023

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3. Pat Surtain II contends for Defensive MVP

Do you need to have a contender for Defensive MVP in order to be a true "contender" for a championship? Not necessarily, but it's helpful. Chris Jones of the Chiefs, Aaron Donald of the Rams, Shaq Barrett on the Bucs...You get the idea. You need to have a variety of studs on both sides of the ball, but the Broncos having Pat Surtain is undoubtedly a major advantage.

If Surtain can contend for Defensive MVP, what will it mean? It will mean the Broncos are likely winning a lot of games. Surtain is unquestionably one of the best defensive players in the NFL, so this idea is only far-fetched if teams simply refuse to throw his direction.

4. Russell Wilson returns to Pro Bowl form

If Russell Wilson can return to his Pro Bowl form, I think anything is on the table for the Denver Broncos. Of course, that's a pretty big "if" at this point because we just saw Wilson have his worst year as a pro in 2022.

But is it that far-fetched to think he can get back? People like to talk about Russell Wilson's "regression from 2018-2021 with the Seattle Seahawks as if he wasn't playing MVP-caliber football in 2020. It's funny how people choose to forget how things were going in actual games in favor of statistics. As of 2020, there was nobody talking about how Russ had been "regressing". We only started to notice any sort of decline in his play when he got injured in 2021.

For almost his entire career, Wilson has been one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. It would be nice if the Denver Broncos could get that guy. If they can, I think the sky is the limit for this team.