Should the Denver Broncos blow it all up after the 2022 season?

Denver Broncos, George Paton, Russell Wilson, Nathaniel Hackett (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos, George Paton, Russell Wilson, Nathaniel Hackett (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

The Denver Broncos are 3-9 and are perhaps the worst team in the NFL. Should the organization simply blow it all up at the end of the season?  When you think of this phrase, “blow it up” context matters.  If you’re a team that never seemed to be good enough and needed an influx of talent like the Detroit Lions a couple of years ago, then blowing it up usually means having very high draft picks, enduring some brutal losing seasons all while building up the roster.

The Chicago Bears did this last offseason.  They fired their head coach and General Manager and brought in new faces for each position in the organization.  The Bears don’t have a ton of talent on their roster and have traded away pieces to acquire draft capital.

They have high draft picks and are enduring a full rebuild.  For the Denver Broncos, when I ask if the team should blow it up, I’m not talking about the examples I just provided. To me, given that the team has strong talent on the roster, I’d be talking about not only firing Nathaniel Hackett but firing George Paton too.

Should the organization cut ties with Paton after just two seasons?  Firing a GM this quickly simply does not happen in the NFL and would be a bit unprecedented.  Paton did make a huge mistake in hiring Hackett, but I think the jury is still out on whether or not trading for Russell Wilson was a good idea.

The ownership group came in after Paton was hired, so they really don’t have a strong connection with him.  Since they just spent over $4 million on the franchise, they may want to bring in people the pick out to run the team how they see fit.

The team is not cutting Russell Wilson, no matter what some random Twitter user begging for clicks might say.  They are going to try and make this thing work with Wilson.  He’s under contract for years with the Broncos and there is no financially viable way out until several years down the road.

To make it work with Wilson, the ownership group might feel it’s best to part ways with Paton and Hackett.  We know with almost 100% certainty that Hackett will be dismissed by the end of the season at the latest, so that is not a huge concern.

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George Paton’s job security is an interesting thing to debate, though, and I think would more so constitute the team blowing it up.