Denver Broncos look like they have quit on themselves

I don’t blame them one bit, but it was clear to me in week 12 that the Denver Broncos’ players seemed to quit on themselves against the Panthers.  Again, I don’t blame them given what has transpired in this season.  The coaching is historically bad for starters.

If Nathaniel Hackett is fired after this game, he’ll be just the fifth coach since the 1970 merger to have been fired before his first season ends.  Gang, that ain’t good.  The injuries are also too much to ignore.  Both sides of the ball have had horrible injuries.

It’s been worse offensively though, as Garett Bolles, Tim Patrick, and Javonte Williams have all gotten injured for the rest of the season.  And then the performance of the offense itself isn’t something to ignore.

The play-calling has been bad all season, and even with Klint Kubiak being the voice in Russell Wilson’s head, the offense has not done much better.  There is just not a single thing for the Broncos to hang their hat on, as even the elite defense has shown signs of decline in the past couple of weeks.

In week 12, it looked to me that the players quit on themselves.  Perhaps I am very wrong here.  NFL players are extremely prideful men who are fighting for their jobs every week, but there comes a time when that fight that is present in each player simply wears out.

It’s that feeling after a long working day where all you want to do is put your head down and sleep.  That’s how I think some of the players feel.  All of the hype that the Broncos got in the offseason was warranted to an extent, but it’s all come crashing down.

The 3-8 Denver Broncos still have six games left to play, and I sincerely think they might lose the rest of them, which is the last thing I’d want to see, but it might happen.