There is no accountability from Broncos’ coaching staff

The Denver Broncos coaching staff has proven to be unbelievably inept, and it is abundantly clear that there is no accountability coming from them.  Sunday was a perfect example of how there is virtually no accountability from the Denver Broncos coaching staff.

The back-breaking loss yet again perhaps looked like any other Broncos’ loss just by looking at the box score.  However, one recurring mistake proved to everyone that Nathaniel Hackett is a man of empty words.

As the Broncos were driving to end the second half, Melvin Gordon checked into the game near the endzone.  At the very least, Denver looked poised to go into the half up 13-7, at least.  It was a third and short deep in Raiders’ territory.

Melvin Gordon took the handoff, then, you guessed it, fumbled the ball.  The ball was fortunately recovered by the offense but did create a fourth down.  Brandon McManus came in for a chip shot field goal of 25 yards.

This field goal at least gives Denver a touchdown lead going into the half.  OK, not bad, right?  Scoring 13 at the half would have topped their 10-point total against the Titans from last week.  However, the field goal was blocked, and even though Denver was inside the Raiders’ 10-yard line, they came away with zero points, and Melvin Gordon was the reason for that.

This was yet another back-breaking fumble by Gordon, who has averaged less than four yards per carry this season, so not only are his fumbles an issue, but he’s not a good runner anymore.  That would give him his fifth fumble of the season, and each one of them seemed to have cost the Broncos in some way.

After his two-fumble performance against the 49ers, he should have been benched for the rest of the game.  The Broncos did just release Gordon on Monday, but it’s clear how late that came.  Melvin Gordon should have been cut weeks ago as many of us clamored for.

It’s clear that Nathaniel Hackett has not shown much accountability.  It took him way too long to do something about MGIII and handing over his play-calling duties came far too late in the season.