Broncos reportedly have a trade package offer on table for Bradley Chubb

At this point, it feels more likely than just possible that Denver Broncos pass rusher and former fifth-overall pick Bradley Chubb is going to be on the move at the 2022 NFL trade deadline. Where there’s smoke, there’s typically fire, and the smoke surrounding Chubb’s name in recent days has been absolutely billowing.

Nobody wanted or expected the Denver Broncos to be in the position they are in right now, which is 2-5 as a team and a matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London this weekend. Bradley Chubb is, of course, with the team this weekend and expected to play against the Jaguars, but that could obviously change at any moment. As of right now, no trade is imminent and general manager George Paton even came out and said (again) that Chubb is a “core player” and that he would like to keep his core players.

Of course, the situation and circumstances may borderline necessitate a trade of Chubb. Chubb plays a premium position, he’s only 26 years old, and there have been rumors that any trade involving Chubb would also involve a contract extension with whatever team he goes to. If Chubb is not in the Broncos’ long-term plans, they might still be able to get some long-term value out of him in the form of premium NFL Draft real estate.

Denver Broncos already have an offer on the table for Bradley Chubb?

According to Jordan Schultz, who broke news last year that the Denver Broncos were on Russell Wilson’s preferred trade list and more recently broke news that the Kansas City Chiefs had acquired 2021 first-round pick Kadarius Toney in a trade, he’s spoken to a general manager who said they already have what they believe to be a competitive package on the table for Chubb.

If a lot of teams are trying to “get” Chubb, the way I would read into that is that the Broncos have made him very available and are letting teams get into a bidding war for his services. There are a couple of things to remember and note when it comes to the potential of a Chubb trade.

1. This is not the same as the Von Miller situation, in the slightest

The only similarity between Chubb’s situation and Miller’s situation is the fact that they both play edge for the Broncos. Yes, Chubb is in the final year of his contract, but there are differences and nuances to that as well. Chubb is eligible for the franchise tag and that gives the Broncos leverage. This is not just a rental for another team, whereas Von Miller was exactly that.

Chubb is younger than Miller, of course, and is not just a chip for a team to get a championship — he’s a building block. With Miller, your trade partners were limited to contenders. With Chubb, the possibilities include both contenders and teams in rebuilding mode who view Chubb as a building block.

2. The Robert Quinn trade means nothing regarding Bradley Chubb

The Philadelphia Eagles being out of the running (maybe) for Chubb is the only impact on a potential Bradley Chubb deal, as far as Robert Quinn is concerned. So many fans were concerned after Quinn went for a couple of Day 3 draft picks that Chubb would not go for much more, but there are serious problems with that thinking.

For many of the same reasons Chubb’s situation is not at all similar to Von Miller’s last year, Chubb’s situation is nothing like Robert Quinn’s was in Chicago. The Bears were probably closer to releasing Quinn outright and the only reason they got decent picks from the Eagles is because they ate most of Quinn’s salary this season.

3. A “competitive package” likely means there are teams competing for Chubb

What does a “competitive” package for Chubb look like? Are the Broncos going to try to sell to their locker room trading Chubb for a couple of late picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the 2023 NFL Draft? Not likely. If the Broncos are going to trade Chubb, they’re going to need an offer they can’t refuse, which should mean better than first-round value.

Chubb leads the team in sacks. He’s playing tremendous football right now. He’s a “core” player on the roster. If the Broncos are going to trade him, they are trading away a very valuable player to the immediate success of the team. If teams are competing for his services, I don’t think the Broncos would get multiple first-round picks, but the return for Chubb could be a lot better than anyone anticipates.