Denver Broncos 3 game-changing trades to consider with Panthers

Denver Broncos, Christian McCaffrey - Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos, Christian McCaffrey - Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Denver Broncos general manager George Paton and Carolina Panthers general manager Scott Fitterer have set the example in at least one area over the last two years: They are willing to make a deal. These two have executed a bunch of trades since becoming general managers of their respective teams in 2021, and now there is a chance they could help each other out at the 2022 NFL trade deadline.

The 2022 NFL trade deadline, by the way, is just two weeks away (November 1). Fitterer, as fate would have it, was the Seattle Seahawks director of college scouting when the team drafted Russell Wilson in 2012. He obviously had a huge hand in selecting the former NC State and Wisconsin star 10 years ago, so it’s reasonable to assume that he would have a vested interest still to this day in watching Russell Wilson succeed, even as a member of the Broncos.

Even if that’s not the case, Fitterer has been a trading machine the last couple of years and he could stand to recoup some NFL Draft capital. The Broncos don’t have much to offer for 2023 but they could offer player assets or potentially 2024-25 NFL Draft assets. One way or another, you have to think George Paton is at least considering the asking price on some of Carolina’s more tradeable assets. Here are a couple of options he should absolutely be considering.

3 ideas at the 2022 NFL Trade Deadline for the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers

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Denver Broncos, Christian McCaffrey (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

1. Trade for Christian McCaffrey

The Carolina Panthers apparently want multiple first-round picks for Christian McCaffrey. I’ve also got a used pair of Jordan 1s I would love to sell for $500. The fact of the matter is, the Panthers aren’t likely to trade Christian McCaffrey given he’s got three years left on his contract, he’s still just 26, and his value to that team when healthy is too great compared to his value from the outside looking in given his injury history.

With that being said, I would have thought roughly the same regarding Von Miller last year, although Miller was on the expiring year of his contract and McCaffrey is not. The Panthers’ asking price on McCaffrey will be understandably high but there’s zero chance of them getting even a first-round pick for him, at least in my opinion. There are so many reasons the Broncos should be trading for McCaffrey, but obviously, the team is limited on draft capital.

The Panthers don’t currently have a third-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, so that would be helpful to add. The Broncos have a pair of those thanks to a trade with the Colts last year. At this point, the biggest motivation to make a trade for McCaffrey like this is simple — you have no idea what you’re going to get out of Javonte Williams in 2023 and beyond. You hope he can return to “normal” but his injury was not good in the slightest.

Even if you get Javonte back to himself at some point, it’s not likely to be early in the 2023 NFL season. You currently have no running backs under contract in 2023 and that will be a primary area of need with free agency looking like it could be slim.

Saquon Barkley will almost undoubtedly get tagged or re-signed by the Giants. Would the Broncos really sign Kareem Hunt given his past transgressions? Rashaad Penny is also now dealing with one more in a wide variety of injuries. Bronco killer Josh Jacobs makes sense coming over from the Raiders, but that would be slightly underwhelming and he might be playing his way to the franchise tag, anyway.

What I’m saying is: The Broncos are either looking at a budget free agent next year or a mid-round draft pick. Why not just spend the mid-round draft pick on a guy like McCaffrey, who could be a huge boost to your chances at competing?

I don’t know that the Panthers would settle for this kind of deal for McCaffrey, but getting a couple of top-100 picks for an oft-injured running back who has massive cap hits coming up? That could be enticing enough.