GMFB’s Kyle Brandt melts down over Russell Wilson on live TV

Russell Wilson, Kyle Brandt, NFL (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Russell Wilson, Kyle Brandt, NFL (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

Good Morning Football host Kyle Brandt melted down on live television late last week when discussing Broncos’ signal caller Russell Wilson.  In what was an immature, unprofessional, and petty speech, Kyle Brandt made the entire world aware of how he felt about Denver Broncos’ quarterback Russell Wilson.

Late last week on GMFB, the hosts were discussing the end of the Broncos-Colts game that appeared on Thursday night football.  The entire world has seen that Wilson did indeed miss a wide-open KJ Hamler in the endzone that would have ended the game.

Many have remarked that #3 doesn’t have much trust in his receivers outside of Courtland Sutton.  I don’t disagree with that assessment, as Hamler, Jeudy, and the others have largely been inconsistent, but Wilson still should have gone through his reads properly.

Kyle Brandt goes on a tirade about Broncos QB Russell Wilson

Kyle Brandt used that to trash another successful grown man on live television.  His tantrum can be viewed on Twitter far and wide, and not only did he bash Wilson as a player, but he also hammered his character, calling him a “poser,” “…one of the least authentic personalities we have in the league,” among other gross comments during the tirade.

He also made an extremely out-of-bounds comment when referencing the NFL Honors.  Kyle Brandt seemed a bit angry that Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara apparently didn’t acknowledge Brandt’s existence during the red-carpet festivities.  It was a horrible thing to say that was completely unrelated to his on-field play.

Are Wilson and Ciara obligated to talk to NFL personalities?  Perhaps they get a bit tired of always being in the spotlight.  Perhaps Russell Wilson doesn’t necessarily enjoy having to talk to media members.  Just because Brandt was acknowledged by other NFL players during this event, doesn’t mean he’s owed a “Hello!” from NFL royalty.

It’s clear that Kyle Brandt doesn’t like Russell Wilson, which is fine but making some of the comments he made were totally inappropriate.  Perhaps Kyle Brandt should focus on buying t-shirts that fit him, rather than what another grown man does with his life.