3 Denver Broncos offensive players causing concern early in 2022

Denver Broncos, Melvin Gordon (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos, Melvin Gordon (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /
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To say the 2022 season has been a struggle for the Denver Broncos offense would be a massive understatement. After Russell Wilson was acquired in March, everyone sort of assumed — even with some growing pains — that the Denver offense would be markedly better this season than it has been in any recent year, including the 2015 season when the team won a Super Bowl thanks to its historically dominant defense. After three games in 2022, it’s almost looking like the offense is going to need a 2015-like effort from the defense to do any damage at all in the playoffs (or even get there in the first place).

Despite the team’s struggle, they are 2-1 heading into their first divisional game of the season, a Week 4 bout with the Las Vegas Raiders on the road. The offense, as a whole, has struggled both in the red zone (vs. SEA and HOU) and between the 20s (vs. SF), but individuals within the offense have struggled as well. Which individual players have been the most concerning on offense so far in 2022?

3 most concerning Denver Broncos offensive players early in 2022

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Denver Broncos, KJ Hamler (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

3. KJ Hamler, wide receiver

Despite a miraculous comeback from multiple very serious injuries last year, KJ Hamler has done absolutely nothing through the first three weeks of the 2022 season. The former second-round pick out of Penn State showed plenty of promise throughout his rookie season with the Denver Broncos, but he was limited to a couple of brief appearances in 2021 and has been targeted just one time here in 2022.

Although he was not active for Week 2, Hamler’s snaps dwindled from 40 in Week 1 against the Seahawks to just 19 against the 49ers. Yes, the Broncos are easing him back slowly, but that was after it sounded like Hamler had worked his way almost back to full strength over the course of the offseason. Head coach Nathaniel Hackett wouldn’t call Hamler’s Week 2 absence a “setback” but he really didn’t need to call it that.

Everyone could see it for what it was.

The fact that Hamler was back in Week 3 was pretty big for both him and the Broncos, but once again, he hasn’t gotten involved in the offense. As of right now, the Broncos look desperate for wide receiver help despite the talent of some of the guys on their depth chart. Hamler has talent and the hope is that he can give the Broncos a huge boost in the vertical passing game. Until we see some targets going his way, though, his current status is cause for concern.