A potential impact free agent for Broncos to sign is now gone

Denver Broncos, Cole Beasley - Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos, Cole Beasley - Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

A potential free agent wide receiver who could have helped the Denver Broncos with their depth is now off the market and not available anymore.  It’s clear that the Broncos have depth issues at wide receiver.  A big mistake that George Paton made this offseason was not bringing in a free agent wide receiver when Tim Patrick went down.

Then, KJ Hamler’s return was stopped after week one for some apparently scheduled maintenance.  He was never getting to 100% this season after his brutal ACL and hip injury in 2021.  Then, Jerry Jeudy went down with a rib injury.

Denver Broncos have serious depth problems at WR right now

What is George Paton waiting for?  Now, there is only one proven receiver that is healthy for the Denver Broncos, and that’s Courtland Sutton.  The team, even with a healthy stable of receivers, should have added a body when Tim Patrick went down, and especially should have added a body if they knew KJ Hamler was not going to be healthy week to week.

Cole Beasley, who could have been a perfect fit in Denver, signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Tuesday.  Beasley, 33, has played for the Cowboys and Bills, accumulating 967 receiving yards in 2020.

He’s durable and has a 71.0% catch rate in his career.  He’s also caught 40 passes in the playoffs, which have spanned over six seasons.  What exactly is George Paton waiting for before he makes an addition to this unit?  What happens if Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler can’t go on Sunday?  Does the team genuinely think that Courtland Sutton, Tyrie Cleveland, and Kendall Hinton are a viable stable of receivers to play in a real NFL game?

Predominantly Orange’s Site Expert, Sayre Bedinger, along with myself and many others have called for the Denver Broncos to bring in another body for this group for months now.  If Denver is truly wanting to compete, why is the GM not acting like it?