Denver Broncos 5 options at wide receiver after Jerry Jeudy injury

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Denver Broncos, Jerry Jeudy - Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /
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Denver Broncos should sign WR Cole Beasley

This probably won’t be the most popular opinion in the world because a lot of people simply dislike Cole Beasley as a person. At this point, if we’re talking about helping the football team, sign me up for a player like Cole Beasley. Although he’s not a speed demon by any means, Beasley is a sure-handed and tough receiver who caught 82 passes in each of the last two seasons.

What could be even more important here? Beasley barely ever misses a game due to injury. He’s tough and has played in some big playoff games in recent years. Over the last two seasons, his catch percentage is hovering around 75 percent.

I don’t think signing Beasley would be a move made out of desperation, either. Having him in the lineup would allow the Broncos flexibility with Jerry Jeudy and even KJ Hamler if he can get healthy. He’s just a solid receiver who gives you some much-needed consistency when the ball is thrown his way.

His YAC per reception took a dip last season and the Bills were obviously confident enough in players like Gabe Davis, Isaiah McKenzie, and free agent Jamison Crowder to feel comfortable moving on from Beasley, but I do think he could still help a team like the Denver Broncos especially given the situation they are in right now.

Perhaps in previous years, the Broncos might not be a good fit for Beasley but with Russell Wilson at QB, I think really just about anything goes. Wilson is a strong, vocal leader, and players follow his lead. At this point, veteran contracts are also not guaranteed, so if any player the Broncos pick up doesn’t work well with the locker room, the team can cut bait. Again, this is about helping the football team get better at a position that desperately needs it.