5 moves the Denver Broncos should make after loss to the Seahawks

Denver Broncos, Andrew Beck (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos, Andrew Beck (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /
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4. More Mike Boone, a little less Melvin Gordon

Mike Boone was arguably the Broncos’ most impressive offensive player throughout the 2022 preseason on a per-touch basis. Whether he was getting the ball as a running back or receiver, he showed outstanding burst, agility in space, and the ability to make tacklers miss. After the Broncos’ season-opener against the Seahawks, should we be seeing more of Mike Boone and less of Melvin Gordon?

I’m not suggesting Boone take the RB2 spot on the depth chart, of course, but Gordon received 14 total touches (12 rush attempts, two receptions) and wound up with a fumble instead of a one-yard touchdown run.

Unfortunately, fumbles have been far too commonplace for Gordon. The Broncos put him right back out there after the fumble so clearly, they’re not overly worried about it. But the fans are. Mike Boone could also fumble but at this point, wouldn’t it be worth finding out? Maybe Gordon should have his touches limited in Week 2 and Boone should get a bigger opportunity.

5. Landon Collins as a hybrid player to consider?

I want to sneak one more potentially underrated idea in here before we go. Why not sign Landon Collins to come in and play a hybrid linebacker/defensive back role? The Broncos trotted Kareem Jackson out there for 100 percent of the defensive snaps on Monday night. While his impact on the game goes beyond the box score, Jackson had just two solo tackles on 55 snaps.

Landon Collins is a younger player and could work well playing in the box or as a dime linebacker. Heck, he might even be more effective as an off-ball linebacker than Alex Singleton.

Either way, I think the former Alabama star would be a worthwhile roster flyer at this point with the upside to become a key contributor attacking the line of scrimmage, maybe rushing the passer a little bit, and overall just being another weapon for the defense.