5 Broncos players that shined in the crushing loss to the Seahawks

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Denver Broncos, Jerry Jeudy - Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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Bradley Chubb looks great for Broncos against Seahawks

All throughout the offseason, and really dating back the last couple of years, Denver Broncos fans have been hateful and vitriolic towards Bradley Chubb. Before the arrival of Russell Wilson, it was the fact that Josh Allen had blossomed into an MVP candidate for the Buffalo Bills that had Broncos fans in their feelings. The Broncos chose Chubb over Allen in the 2018 NFL Draft.

After the arrival of Russell Wilson, man Broncos fans were able to replace being upset about taking Chubb instead of Allen by being upset that Chubb was on the roster and not Von Miller, who the Broncos passed on in free agency.

The overall theme here is, Broncos fans have seemingly been looking for reasons not to like Bradley Chubb, who has been outstanding when healthy. Unfortunately, over the last few seasons, good and consistent health has been hard for Chubb to come by. He had a great offseason for the Broncos and after a slow first half for the entire defense, Chubb turned things on in the second half in a big way.

Chubb had himself not one but two sacks in this game, six total tackles, and a forced fumble on one of his sacks. Unfortunately, the ball bounced right into the lap of the tackle he beat, Charles Cross, on the strip-sack.

The Broncos got impact plays out of Chubb when they desperately needed them. Late in the game when you need a big stop on third down, Chubb comes up with a sack. Those strip-sacks won’t always end with the offense recovering the ball. The ball was just literally not bouncing the Broncos’ way in this game and it’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that these big plays were made throughout the course of the game.

Chubb and his new teammate Randy Gregory each had a forced fumble in this game and they made their presence felt in the second half.