Denver Broncos 5 bold predictions in Week 1 vs. Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)
Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) /
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Denver Broncos, Jerry Jeudy
Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports /

Denver Broncos bold prediction vs. Seahawks no. 3: Jerry Jeudy scores the first two TDs

Does anybody remember the last time Jerry Jeudy scored a touchdown? That’s right — it was the final game of the 2020 season, a Broncos loss to the Raiders in Denver that should have been a win if not for a defensive collapse late in the fourth quarter. Jeudy’s most recent touchdown was a doozy, too.

That was January 4, 2021. January 4, 2021. We’re bordering on two calendar years since Jeudy last scored an NFL touchdown. As of the time the Denver Broncos take the field against the Seattle Seahawks on September 12, 2022, it will have been 616 days since Jerry Jeudy scored an NFL touchdown.

That’s insane and a major indictment on the previous coaching staff. Fortunately for the Broncos in 2022, I think the ability of the coaching staff to get the players properly involved in the offense has substantially increased. Not only am I predicting that Jerry Jeudy will get a touchdown in this game against the Seattle Seahawks, but I’m going to go ahead and be so bold as to predict that he will actually score the first and second touchdowns of the season for the Broncos.

Heck, maybe Jeudy will even score on a jet sweep as poetic justice for all of the sprinting in motion he did without any touches out of the backfield in 2021. You can look up any props for the first touchdown of the season, but I’m guessing the Broncos and certainly Jeudy are aware of the 600-plus day touchdown drought. There’s no way after watching all of last year’s film that Nathaniel Hackett and his staff didn’t recognize the horrible misuse of Jeudy in Pat Shurmur’s offense.

Not that they’re going to intentionally force-feed this to happen, but Jeudy has a knack for getting open anyway. I think he’ll put himself in a position to be able to be the guy in the end zone for the first two scores of the Denver Broncos’ 2022 season.