Denver Broncos 5 bold predictions in Week 1 vs. Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)
Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) /
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Denver Broncos bold prediction vs. Seahawks no. 2: Ronald Darby has a pick-six

Let’s be honest here for a bit. Do I think the Denver Broncos could go into Seattle and lose? Sure, anything is possible in the NFL. These guys are paid professionals on both sides.

Do I actually think that’s going to happen? Absolutely not. It should also be stated — I’m not saying that every single one of these bold predictions is going to hit. I’m not predicting the Broncos will score 80 points or anything like that. With that said, against the Seahawks and Geno Smith, I do think there’s a decent chance we could see a defensive touchdown of this variety.

Geno Smith has thrown his fair share of pick-sixes. Now, to be fair, a lot of those came within Geno’s first two years in the NFL when he threw a combined 34 total interceptions. It was a brutal start to his career as a second-round pick for the Jets, and perhaps the biggest reason why he’s been relegated to being a backup for the majority of his career since.

He only threw one interception last year on 95 passing attempts, easily the lowest interception percentage of his NFL career in a multi-game sample size. I don’t think this is the same Geno Smith that threw 21 interceptions in 2013, of course, but I do think there’s a chance the Broncos’ pass rush will be effective enough in this game to get someone an opportunity at a house call.

In this case, I’m going with Ronald Darby. Why? Because nobody is more “due” for a pick than Darby. This man doesn’t have an interception since 2019. He’s gotten his hands on the ball for 22 passes broken up over the last two seasons and hasn’t picked off a single pass. That’s tough for a defensive back of Darby’s caliber.

It’s time for him to get on the board again and I think he’s going to do it in style with a touchdown on top of the pick.