Breaking down Denver Broncos 53-man roster transactions

Denver Broncos depth chart 2022, Kendall Hinton (Photo by C. Morgan Engel/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos depth chart 2022, Kendall Hinton (Photo by C. Morgan Engel/Getty Images) /
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3. Two players from the Denver Broncos 2020 draft class get waived

There was just one trade that involved the Denver Broncos during cutdowns, Malik Reed, and a seventh-round pick was shipped off to the Pittsburgh Steelers for their sixth-round draft pick.

Two players from John Elway’s final draft class, Netane Muti and McTelvin Agim were two players that had been tossed around in the trade rumors. Whether it was unsuccessful attempts or no attempts at all, both of these players were straight up waived Tuesday afternoon.

Third-year guard, Netane Muti was a sixth-round draft selection and was considered to be a steal when selected. McTevlvin Agim was a third-round pick by the Denver Broncos that same year, but his selection was questioned by some.

Both players have what would call “untapped potential.” For whatever reason, whether it be an injury, changing on schematics, or just being at the professional level, it never seemed to full-on click for either player.

Netane Muti is not the best fit for the outsize zone and what the Denver Broncos will be running this season and from the very start, it seemed like a pairing that would be difficult to marry.

McTelvin Agim always carried heavy praise from his teammates and they would rave about how difficult he would be to block during training camp, for several years. In the preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings, Agim had what some would consider his breakout game.

Agim forced two fumbles along with two pass breakups, and a sack and quarterback hit, many thought this would be enough to get him through to the 53-man roster, but it was not.

On a positive note for the two former 2020 draft selections, I do not think they will have too much trouble latching on with another team during this process.