Bleacher Report QB rankings disrespectful to Russell Wilson

Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson - Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson - Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

Bleacher Report recently released an article ranking the quarterbacks heading into the 2022 season, and Russell Wilson has been violently disrespected.  At this point, being low on Russell Wilson is becoming annoying and not based in much reality at all.

The NFL is way too low on Russell Wilson

Bleacher Report’s article simply ranked the projected starting quarterbacks in the NFL, and they ranked Russell Wilson at 10th overall in the NFL.  This ranking has him seventh in the AFC, which should offend every single Broncos fan.

I can somewhat understand it if someone believed that Wilson was the 10th best quarterback in the NFL, but ranking both Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson ahead of Russell Wilson is nearly malpractice.

Deshaun Watson hasn’t played since 2020, and won’t be able to play for another several months.  When on the field, he’s good, and he’s proven that, but ranking someone above Wilson who won’t have played for nearly two years when he returns to the field is ridiculous.

I also think ranking Lamar Jackson ahead of Wilson is quite unintelligent as well.  Lamar Jackson is a good quarterback who has something that Wilson doesn’t, which is an NFL MVP award.

However, Jackson’s 2021 season was bad.  He threw 16 touchdowns on 13 interceptions and wasn’t nearly as much of a threat as a runner as he’s been in prior years.

It’s clear that both Watson and Jackson are talented players, but both of their circumstances over the past year should push them further down any quarterback rankings.

Russell Wilson gets a bit of hate because 2021 was a “down” year for him.  Besides the fact that he missed the first starts of his career because of a freak accident finger injury, Wilson still managed to throw for 25 touchdowns on just six interceptions, a better than 4:1 TD:INT ratio.

He was also fifth in the NFL in passing yards in 2021, fourth in touchdown percentage, and fourth in interception percentage.  His passing in 2021 wasn’t anything that should make people think he had a down year.  Sure, the Seahawks had a losing record, but there was a reason why Wilson wanted out of Seattle.

One of the likely reasons was the overall roster talent, which wasn’t good.  The team’s offensive line was a liability, and the defense could have been much better.  I’m not sure why people are seemingly getting lower and lower on Wilson.

When he was out of the lineup for the three games in 2021, Seattle’s offense was the worst in the NFL.  Russell Wilson is still very much in his prime, and the NFL landscape should stop disrespecting his greatness.