5 players that would be shocking cuts for the Denver Broncos

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Denver Broncos shocking potential cut no. 2: Jalen Virgil, WR/KR

I can already hear people from where I sit.

It wouldn’t be shocking for Jalen Virgil to be cut! He’s an undrafted receiver, and that’s one of the deepest positions on the team! There’s no way you can keep seven receivers on the roster!

Blah, blah, blah.

There are certainly justifiable reasons to cut guys at receiver, even if they play well throughout training camp and the preseason. Unfortunately, I think the reasons to cut Jalen Virgil are dwindling by the day. Your primary reasons for cutting Virgil right now have literally nothing to do with on-field performance, which is where I take a serious issue with the idea of cutting him loose.

What message does it send to future undrafted players if a guy like Virgil goes out and plays really well, does what he’s supposed to do, and makes the right kind of impression? What message does it send if a guy goes out there and makes all these plays, proves his worth on special teams, and still ends up getting cut? I think it sends a bad message to future UDFAs and I think it sends a bad message to the roster overall.

We know that the Broncos decided to promote from within when it comes to “replacing” Tim Patrick on the roster. If they didn’t intend on bringing other receivers in from the outside, I don’t think it’s right that they would cut the guys they decided were the right “Plan B” in this case.


There are times in the NFL when you have to do some different things as it relates to roster construction and keeping certain guys around who have clearly earned their spot. Jalen Virgil can play special teams. He’s a very good kickoff returner. He’s got big-time NFL speed. He’s shown he can make huge plays as a receiver.

At this point, I would be shocked if he was cut and I think a lot of people in Broncos Country would be frustrated to see one of the team’s top playmakers from the preseason get the axe and go sign on with another team or get claimed by another team.

It’s a different conversation if the team is still keeping seven receivers and someone like Seth Williams, a sixth-round pick from a year ago, makes it instead. That’s a little more understandable, but right now, I don’t see any way you can justify going into the season with only six receivers considering the injury to Tim Patrick and the ongoing recovery/injury history of KJ Hamler.