5 Quarterbacks you may have forgotten played for the Broncos

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The Denver Broncos have experienced some of the best quarterback play in NFL history, but who are some quarterbacks fans may have forgotten?

The Broncos have had the pleasure of having two of the best quarterbacks in NFL history win Super Bowls and then retire right after doing so as both John Elway and Peyton Manning accomplished that feat.

Brian Griese had the tough job of following Elway but still took the team to the playoffs one time. Jake Plummer was highly successful and often doesn’t get the credit he deserves and then there was Jay Cutler, who remains one of just four quarterbacks ever selected in the first round by the Broncos.

It’s impossible to forget what Tim Tebow brought to the team which led into the Manning era. The carousel of quarterbacks since No. 18 hung up the cleats has been well documented, and mostly unsuccessful.

But what about some of the quarterbacks that filled in the holes when one of the names mentioned above wasn’t on the field doing their thing? To qualify for this list, a quarterback had to have started at least one game for the team.

Here are five guys you may have forgotten that did just that.

Broncos forgotten quarterbacks

Steve Ramsey
Denver Broncos

Dec 19. 1971; Los Angeles, CA, USA; FILE PHOTO; Denver Broncos quarterback Steve Ramsey (10) at the line of scrimmage against the Oakland Raiders at the Oakland Coliseum. The Raiders defeated the Broncos 21-13. Mandatory Credit: Darryl Norenberg-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Ramsey was a fifth-round pick out of North Texas in 1970 by the New Orleans Saints but after just one season there, he was traded to the Broncos. He spent six seasons in Denver, mostly as a backup.

He took over as the team’s starting quarterback in 1975 and held that spot for two seasons. He struggled, throwing 20 touchdowns but also 27 interceptions in those two seasons, though the Broncos did finish 9-5 in 1976, just missing the postseason.

Ramsey had them close but he couldn’t get the team over the hump. Ahead of the 1977 season, he was traded to the New York Giants for Craig Morton, who made have been the first memorable starting quarterback in team history, mostly because he guided them to their first playoff appearance in team history in 1977 which culminated in a loss in Super Bowl XII.

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