3 Denver Broncos storylines to watch for during offseason

Denver Broncos, Javonte Williams (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos, Javonte Williams (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /
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ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO – JUNE 13: Quarterbacks Brett Rypien #4 and Russell Wilson #3 of the Denver Broncos drill during a mandatory mini-camp at UCHealth Training Center on June 13, 2022 in Englewood, Colorado. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

Denver Broncos storylines during the rest of the 2022 offseason

3. Continuing to develop chemistry

This one might sound cliché, but I think it’s very valid.

Russell Wilson is a lot like Peyton Manning– both players are and were religious in their preparation habits.  No one could out-prepare Peyton Manning, and I think besides Tom Brady, no one in the NFL works harder and prepares harder than Russell Wilson.

This brings me to the third storyline to continue to watch, which is the continual development of team chemistry, especially on the offensive side.

In 2020, Tom Brady’s first year with the Buccaneers, they had a bit of a hard time during the season, losing three of four games, which dropped their record to 7-5.

I remember hearing some of the national sports talk saying how the Buccaneers are perhaps still trying to get the team chemistry thing down, being that Brady was in his first year.

In 2021, Matthew Stafford’s first season with the Rams, they lost three straight games during the season, dropping their record to 7-4.

My point here is that it is very likely that the Denver Broncos endure one of those losing streaks during the 2022 season, especially since they have an entirely new coaching staff.

However, I also think it’s avoidable, especially if the team chemistry continues to form as the offseason progresses towards training camp.

I would hope that a few of the players on offense specifically would get together for throwing sessions and whatnot.

What is a positive here is that most of the most frequent and likely contributors to the Broncos’ offense in 2022 have been in the league for a few seasons, so the team isn’t likely to have any issues with rookies, which seemed to be an issue in 2020.

Overall, though, I think the team chemistry is the last storyline that needs attention during the rest of the offseason.