Should the Denver Broncos consider signing DeSean Jackson?

Denver Broncos waiver wire options - DeSean Jackson. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos waiver wire options - DeSean Jackson. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports /

DeSean Jackson has inserted himself in the news recently, saying he’d consider playing for the Denver Broncos in 2022. Should the team sign him?

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, DeSean Jackson said he’d consider playing for a handful of teams.

He mentioned the Chiefs, Browns, Packers, and your Denver Broncos.  He’s also apparently considering retirement, but also has a list of teams he’d want to play for.

Obviously, Jackson’s playing days are about over.

However, him listing the Denver Broncos as a team he’d play for is quite interesting.  I do think the Denver Broncos should consider signing him.

He’s clearly not nearly as effective as he once was.  He was able to accumulate 454 receiving yards this season, catching 20 passes.  He’s still able to generate separation, as he had a 75-yard touchdown this season with the Los Angeles Rams.

Being that Russell Wilson excels at throwing the deep ball, it’s understandable that Jackson would want to play with Denver.

I think he could be a viable WR4 option for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the status of KJ Hamler is a bit unknown.  His rehab has been going well, but it is unknown if he’s going to be available for week one.

Signing a savvy veteran like Jackson to occasionally run some go routes and try to take the top off defenses could be a great idea as Hamler tries to fully regain trust with his surgically repaired knee.

Since the beginning of the 2020 season, Jackson has caught 34 passes and is averaging 20.3 yards per reception.

Inserting this weapon into the Broncos’ offense while Hamler fully recovers would be a great idea.  He’d also be rather cheap to sign, so there’s no major financial commitment.

Another reason why signing Jackson might be smart is because the Denver Broncos do not have a viable kick or punt return option on the roster.  KJ Hamler might get reps doing this.  He got five total returns in 2020.

Jackson, early in his career, was a very lethal return man.  From his rookie season in 2008-2011, Jackson accumulated 1,226 punt return yards and four touchdowns.

Yes, that was over ten years ago, but the point still stands.  He has return experience, is still super fast, and could temporarily fill the Hamler void while he returns.