Denver Broncos are now back to square one at QB with no Aaron Rodgers

Denver Broncos training camp 2021 - Drew Lock. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos training camp 2021 - Drew Lock. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

With Aaron Rodgers now returning to Green Bay, the Denver Broncos are now back to square one as they try to fix their quarterback position.

Well, Broncos Country, the dream is over.  Aaron Rodgers is returning to the Green Bay Packers.  Many in Broncos Country knew this was coming, but it still kind of hurts that we won’t get to see it happen.

Now that Rodgers is off the table, are the Denver Broncos back to square one in their quarterback search?

Where do the Denver Broncos turn to now?

Well, I suppose a trade for Russell Wilson is probably off the table, as the Seahawks apparently rejected an offer from Washington for the player.

I do ultimately think that Russell Wilson does not go anywhere for this season.

So, who could be next? Jimmy Garoppolo?

Well, Jimmy G is probably on the move, and the Denver Broncos could acquire his services if they really wanted, but does he really move the needle?

Well, Nathaniel Hackett is set to run a similar offense to that of Kyle Shanahan, so it would be an easy transition for Garoppolo.

If Jimmy G is off the table, what about Carson Wentz?  Gardner Minshew?  Mitchell Trubisky?  Davis Mills?

A lot of these options are indeed short-term fixes.  Denver could very well acquire one of these players and try to draft someone they like, either in 2022 or in 2023.

The benefit of this tier of players is that they aren’t going to be expensive, so Denver will still be able to use their draft picks to draft someone.

The 2022 NFL Draft is a weaker quarterback class, so it might make sense for Denver to target someone in the 2023 quarterback class.

If they wanted, they could trade down from their #9 pick and acquire even more capital to draft someone significant in 2023.

However, if Denver is more set on solving their quarterback issue for the long-term, they could also take a swing at Deshaun Watson, whose name was linked to Denver during the NFL combine.

I suppose there is still some positive in this situation.  Aaron Rodgers is old and was not going to be a long-term solution, and I do trust George Paton to ultimately figure this out.