Denver Broncos trade ideas with the Atlanta Falcons

Denver Broncos offseason: Matt Ryan. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos offseason: Matt Ryan. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /
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ORCHARD PARK, NY – JANUARY 02: Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons looks to throw a pass against the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium on January 2, 2022 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) /

The Atlanta Falcons are about $2 million over the cap and will need to free up some money. Could they trade a player or two to the Denver Broncos?

Many of us are focusing our attention on what Aaron Rodgers will ultimately decide to do.  We also might be focusing on the new league year and the free agency period, which begins in mid-March.  However, one way that the Denver Broncos should explore to add to their team is through trades.

The Atlanta Falcons are roughly $2 million over the cap for the 2022 season, and while they won’t have to make a ton of moves to get under the cap, they’ll surely make enough to allow them to perhaps spend and retain some of their own free agents.

Atlanta is in a weird spot–they just wrapped up the first year of head coach Arthur Smith, but the roster needs a lot of work, and they have an aging, but still solid quarterback in Matt Ryan.

I think they are still a year away from totally rebuilding, which would begin with moving on from Ryan, but I do also think calling them is worth it to see if they’d be willing to part with some of their current veterans under contract.

So, what could be some trade ideas with the Atlanta Falcons?

Denver Broncos trade ideas with Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan, QB

Contractually, it might be tough for Atlanta to trade Ryan this offseason, but I would think the team would agree to trade him if Ryan approached them, much like Matthew Stafford with the Lions last season.

Ryan has played 14 years in Atlanta, appearing in one Super Bowl in 2016 and accumulating a 120-102 record.  In 2021, Ryan passed for 20 touchdowns against 12 interceptions.  While his stats don’t leap off the page, Ryan has maintained consistency his entire career.

What Atlanta hasn’t been able to provide Matt Ryan the past few years has been a quality offensive line.  Ryan also didn’t exactly have a ton of players to throw to outside of Kyle Pitts.

Matt Ryan would be able to enjoy a solid offensive line and a much larger pool of weapons in Denver.

Ryan is about to turn 37, so he isn’t going to play forever, but a lot of us are clamoring for Aaron Rodgers, who is a year and a half older.

Matt Ryan would be a solution 1-3 year solution for Denver if they don’t want to take a chance on a quarterback in this year’s draft.

He brings a ton of experience, quality quarterback play, and affords the Broncos a bit of time to find a long-term answer.