Who will Denver Broncos have to compete for to land veteran QB?

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GLENDALE, ARIZONA – JANUARY 09: Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks prepares for a game against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium on January 09, 2022 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos won’t be the only team in on potential veteran quarterbacks on the move, but which teams will they have to compete with?

If only acquiring a franchise quarterback was as easy as some of us make it seem. For the Denver Broncos, they have the draft capital, cap space, and roster to attract a quarterback to the Mile High City.

However, if notable franchise quarterbacks become available during this offseason, the Broncos won’t be the only team in on these players. George Paton will have to surely get into some sort of bidding war depending on which player could get traded.

While the Broncos might have the best situation of any of the teams, that does not mean they can land whichever franchise quarterback they want.

Below is an analysis of teams who the Denver Broncos would have to compete for if notable franchise quarterbacks become available.

Russell Wilson

1. New York Giants

If Russell Wilson requests a trade, the New York Giants will be one of the teams that would be heavily involved in trying to acquire Wilson.

While the Giants don’t have a whole lot of cap room, they do have picks 5 and 7 in the upcoming NFL Draft, so their picks are worth significantly more than the Broncos’ picks.

The Seahawks gave up 109 first-round picks in their trade for Jamal Adams, and there’s a very good chance the Giants would be willing to give up their two 1sts in 2022 and additional high picks as well.

You also have to wonder if Russell Wilson’s wife, Ciara, would enjoy being in New York more than Denver.  She’s a celebrity, so the appeal of New York could factor into this decision.

2. New Orleans Saints

The Saints are kind of falling into the Broncos’ situation, where they don’t have stability at the quarterback position.  Jameis Winston showed promise before going down with an injury, but he has never established himself as a franchise quarterback in this league, so there’s no guarantee like there is with Russell Wilson.

The Saints also have a massive advantage over the Denver Broncos in the form of playing in a much warmer division. The Saints also play in a dome, and perhaps Wilson would enjoy playing in more comfortable conditions.

Also, the Saints have Sean Payton, who is one of the better coaches and play-callers in the NFL.  The Saints won’t have a lot of cap space, so they would have to again work the cap to make it work.

I think the Broncos have the better overall roster, especially on offense, but the Saints will definitely be in on Wilson.

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