Denver Broncos: What is there left to say after Week 7 mess?

Denver Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports /

The Denver Broncos have lost 4 games in a row after a 3-0 start, and I’m not sure what else needs to be said.

The Denver Broncos are a bad football team.  They’re really, really bad.  They have no identity–their defense stinks, their offense can’t move the ball through the air or on the ground, and our coaches are way over their heads.

Hopefully, by the time this piece is published, we see some coaching changes.  I’m not sure how likely it is, if at all, that Vic Fangio and Pat Shurmur get fired, but it’s clear that they’re the two main culprits.

I’d hope at least Pat Shurmur gets shown the door, as he game-planned another dud.

Until Pat Shurmur get’s fired, we’ll continue to see his all too common “run, run, pass” plays, which is possibly the most predictable offense in the history of time.

We’ll continue to see Teddy Bridgewater throw short of the sticks on third and long, and we’ll continue to see the run game fail to get anything going, outside the occasional Javonte Williams burst.

Until Vic Fangio gets fired, we’ll continue to hear his pathetic press conferences, where he says, to some variation that “we simply need to coach and play better.”

Yeah, Vic, no kidding.

We’ll continue to see the Broncos defense fail to perform up to their expectations, and we’ll continue to see his confused, mouth half open expression on the sideline.

If the Broncos want to try to save their season, both men need to be fired.

Mike Munchak would takeover as interim head coach, and Mike Shula would be the interim offensive coordinator, calling the plays.

Munch has head coaching experience before, but it wasn’t exactly the best.  However, I think the team respects what he has done coaching offensive lines, so I think they’d respond to the change better.

Mike Shula has had success calling plays in the NFL, best known for being Cam Newton’s offensive coordinator during his 2015 MVP season.

Perhaps Shula can, at the very least, present a marginal upgrade over Pat Shurmur.

The last thing that needs done is sending Teddy Bridgewater to the bench, even though he’s on pace to throw nearly 30 touchdown passes this season and around 12 interceptions.

The one year the Broncos seem to have competent quarterback play, the play-calling holds them back.

Drew Lock needs to start next week against Washington. Bridgewater is banged up, and even though he hasn’t played horribly by any metric, the offense needs a spark.

Would firing Pat Shurmur be enough? I’m not sure, but I’d like to think that both Drew Lock and Mike Shula have had a lot of conversation during the season, since Drew Lock has been the backup.

Maybe firing Pat Shurmur would be enough, but I don’t think anyone in Broncos Country would be opposed to Lock starting.  Maybe he can give it one last go to see if he can be a quality starter in the league.

I think that’s unlikely, but Lock is still young and the team has lost 4 games in a row, so why not give him the chance?

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The Denver Broncos have way more questions than answers, but firing a couple coaches and benching our current starting quarterback might answer a few.