Former Broncos free agent bust throws shade on Twitter after loss

Denver Broncos free agent bust Ja'Wuan James. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos free agent bust Ja'Wuan James. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

Former Denver Broncos big-money free agent Ja’Wuan James threw a little shade and did a little bragging on Twitter as the Ravens beat the Broncos on Sunday.

The Denver Broncos lost a tough game at home on Sunday to the Baltimore Ravens. After starting the season 3-0 the team’s performance in a 23-7 loss was less than ideal and certainly didn’t inspire much confidence against other good teams moving forward.

There was plenty to take away from this game as a whole, and plenty of players who didn’t rise to the occasion.

Speaking of players who don’t rise to the occasion, there was a very unwelcomed reaction to the game from former Denver Broncos free agent bust Ja’Wuan James, who was signed in the offseason by the Baltimore Ravens as a future investment.

James got hurt in the offseason while working out away from the team facility, and it culminated in him losing a bunch of guaranteed cash from the Denver Broncos.

Ja’Wuan James brags on Twitter after Broncos lose to Ravens

He signed a two-year deal with the Ravens so he could contribute next year. For the time being, he’s one of the variety of players on their injured reserve.

James has since disabled the replies to this tweet, which is getting a heavy ratio from irate Denver Broncos fans.

And the rage is at least slightly justified.

After signing with the team in 2019 as a big-time free agent pickup, James was a massive disappointment for the Broncos. The decision to sign him, at the time, made plenty of sense given the Broncos’ inability to find any sort of consistency or long-term fixture at the right tackle position.

James was a first-round pick who didn’t have the greatest reputation in Miami, but you never know what a change of scenery will do for a player.

The Broncos made a huge investment in him, and James simply failed to deliver. He was injured in his first regular season game with the team. He came back later in the season long after the team determined he was medically cleared to play.

James’ on-field contributions to the Denver Broncos were borderline non-existent, but he was also notably absent off the field as well.

For a player that was, at the time, the second-highest-paid right tackle in the NFL, James’ lack of engagement with the team off the field was a clear sign that he simply did not care about the Denver Broncos or his teammates.

Not that players have to go out of their way to tweet during games or anything like that, but we saw vastly different behavior from other players like Von Miller and Courtland Sutton — leaders on the team — when they were rehabbing their injuries last season.

Miller was constantly posting on Twitter and Instagram about his teammates, and he was also constantly out at practice chumming with the guys.

Sutton, likewise, would post videos of the Broncos’ receivers making plays on Instagram and give commentary, cheering them on from afar.

There was never any of that from James, again, one of the highest-paid players on the team and someone who should bear the burden of leadership and everything that comes along with that.

Garett Bolles noted earlier this year before James was released by the Broncos that he was going to have to earn back the trust of his teammates.

Of course, James’ tweet after the loss to the Ravens is an indicator of his selfishness once again. James could barely be bothered to support the team at all while he was injured or opted out of the 2020 season. To see him take to Twitter after the Ravens’ victory when he did literally nothing to help them was bush-league.