10 quick thoughts on the Broncos loss to the Ravens in week 4

Denver Broncos rookie safety Caden Sterns. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos rookie safety Caden Sterns. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) /
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Denver Broncos special teams
Denver Broncos special teams woes continue. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

10 quick thoughts on the Broncos week four loss to Ravens

4. Another week, another huge play for the other team’s special teams

What more is anyone supposed to say about Tom McMahon’s special teams unit? It’s one thing after another for this motley crew.

Against the Ravens, McMahon’s unit allowed a huge return to Devin Duvernay just before the end of the first half which set up the Ravens with a 10-point lead going into halftime. Considering they also opened the second half with the ball, this was an especially devastating play.

The Broncos have to take some kind of action here.

5. Broncos QBs both failed

Although Albert Okwuegbunam missed a potential big play down the right sideline on a pretty well-thrown ball from Teddy Bridgewater, it was clear that neither Denver Broncos QB was in the zone for this game.

Both guys were off on their accuracy and timing, and the team’s third-down woes continued in a big way.

Sam Martin came on to punt the ball 10 times in this game.

6. No-calls on obvious penalties had a huge impact in the first half

Officiating across the NFL can certainly be criticized on a weekly basis for any team, and it always goes both ways, but there was a sequence in this game that was particularly detrimental to the Broncos.

Late in the first half, Diontae Spencer was hit hard by a Ravens safety on what was a pretty textbook “defenseless receiver” play. The official on the CBS broadcast even stated he would have supported a flag on the play, but the officials on the field didn’t think it was an infraction.

On the very next play, Teddy Bridgewater was hit in the head by Ravens rookie Odafe Oweh. He suffered a concussion on the play, but there was no penalty called by the officials? Any hit to the quarterback’s head has to be a penalty.

The next play after Bridgewater was hit, the Broncos gave up a big punt return to Devin Duvernay.

That sequence of events that should have resulted in two first downs and 30 penalty yards in favor of the Broncos (who could have found a way to score) ultimately ended up in three points and a 10-point lead for the Ravens at the half.