Why the Denver Broncos need to do more than just win vs. New York Jets

Denver Broncos celebrating a touchdown. Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos celebrating a touchdown. Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports /

The Denver Broncos are off to a great start to the regular season as they won their first two games of the season. Defeating the New York Giants and Jacksonville Jaguars on the road was critical on how the season was going to play out, and they have proved how to win on the road.

The defense has been surrounded by a lot of hype this offseason as George Paton constructed a great defense with depth at every position, arguably besides linebacker. Nonetheless, this unit has been talked about as one of the best in the league and so far, they have played up to those standards.

Only allowing 13 points to the Giants on the road (technically seven points until Daniel Jones ran it in for six as the time expired) and allowing seven points to the Jaguars on the road (the other six points was special teams giving up a 102-yard TD).

Yes, we all get it, it was against two offenses that aren’t really that good, but that is what you expect from a great defense to do to those types of offenses. What has been exceeding expectations is the offense, led by Teddy Bridgewater.

No one was expecting this offense to look as good as it has so far this season. Now granted, it was against a Jaguars defense that hasn’t been historically good in a few years but against the Giants, Joe Judge has constructed a better defense than what other people think. We have to give the offense props because for a few years now, even when playing a below-average defense, they will still struggle. This year, it has not looked like that at all and this offense has been rolling.

The Denver Broncos now host the New York Jets in their home opener Sunday, looking to go 3-0 since 2016. Since it’s the New York Jets, with rookie Zach Wilson at the helm, the Broncos need to do more than just win.

The Denver Broncos need to do more than just win, they need to make a statement.

As expected, most of the national media is still not taking the Broncos seriously. When they take a look at the standings, they’ll see that Denver is 2-0 against teams that are a combined 0-4.  So those two wins on the road for Vic Fangio and the Broncos are not being taken seriously by their peers and media.

With the Jets coming into town, others are still proclaiming that this is another easy win for them against a rookie quarterback that just threw four interceptions. While all of that is true, this is the reason why they need to make a statement.

With all due respect to the Jets, the Broncos not only need to beat the Jets but blow them out and make a statement to the rest of the league.

The only way that Denver gets some type of recognition and respect from the national media and their peers after next week, is to win in the type of fashion the Broncos won when they defeated the Arizona Cardinals in 2018.

Dominant for all four quarters in the home opener and having Broncos Country going crazy at Mile High is what the Broncos need. Having the best home-field advantage in the league with the best fans in the league, making a statement does not only put the league on notice, but the Baltimore Ravens as well.

The Ravens travel into Denver Week 4 and this game is a very important one for the Broncos. Having opponents know going into the game that they’re going into a hostile environment with a team that just made a statement last week will be pivotal and it all starts Sunday against the Jets.