Jerry Jeudy injury leads to Kendall Hinton time for Broncos…again

Jerry Jeudy’s ankle injury has temporarily landed the budding star on injured reserve. It’s now time for Kendall Hinton to get a real shot at NFL action.

At last we saw Kendall Hinton in a real NFL game, it was under the worst possible circumstances for the Denver Broncos. With Jerry Jeudy’s ankle injury landing him on temporary injured reserve, Hinton will now get a chance to play the position the Denver Broncos actually want him to play and the position where he can make a potentially long-term impact.

Nobody ever wants to see injuries in the NFL, especially to star players.

Jerry Jeudy is a budding star who was having a tremendous game against the New York Giants prior to his ankle injury.

It’s horrible for the Denver Broncos to have to deal with his injury but thankfully it’s not of the long-term variety.

In the meantime, it’s the next man up, and in the wake of the Jerry Jeudy injury, that next man up is Tyrie Cleveland.

No, wait, it’s rookie Seth Williams.

Wait, what?

It’s actually Kendall Hinton.

That’s right. Hall of Fame quarterback Kendall Hinton is going to be suiting up for the Denver Broncos, at receiver this time.

After having a tremendous offseason, as head coach Vic Fangio noted, Hinton was not rewarded with a 53-man roster spot but did make the practice squad again, and now will be able to showcase his talent as a receiver on Sundays after serving as the team’s emergency quarterback in an embarrassing situation against the New Orleans Saints in 2020.

Hinton was a tremendous slot receiver at Wake Forest in 2019 and got a shot to compete at camp with the Broncos in 2020 as a result. He impressed enough despite not having a ton of time on task at the college level playing receiver to be kept on the practice squad, and the Broncos obviously called him up for that one game in 2020.

After playing so many snaps in the slot in week one, it makes sense that the Denver Broncos are bringing up Kendall Hinton to replace Jerry Jeudy and not one of Tyrie Cleveland or Seth Williams.

Cleveland could still ultimately be elevated to the gameday roster but it’s Hinton’s chance to make an impact on the roster, the right way this time.