Would Tim Tebow crack Denver’s 53-man roster?

Tim Tebow is in a new position attempting to make the Jacksonville Jaguars roster. I have heard many reasons he should and many reasons he should not. This comes with the territory for one of the most polarizing figures in professional sports.

I personally hope Tim Tebow finds a home with his hometown Jaguars, but it occurred to me that if he doesn’t catch on with coach Meyer’s team would he draw interest from other teams, then I had to look deeper… Could it be the Denver Broncos?

The Broncos have Noah Fant who is top-five in my opinion when healthy and the ceiling is even higher. The Broncos have Albert Okwuegbunam who is an unknown receiving threat with giant potential. Beyond that, it gets murky on the depth chart.

You have Austin Fort, Eric Saubert, and a holdover in hybrid FB/TE Andrew Beck who stands 6’3″ and 255 pounds.  Now I don’t have a bad word to say about any of these men and in fact, have the utmost respect. They grind in the trenches and go otherwise very little known as they do their jobs.

With that being said there is a 6’3 255-pound hybrid FB/TE/H-back down in Jacksonville that has some Denver Broncos ties and that is and was a world-class physical specimen in Tim Tebow. The question arises,  would he make a strong candidate for 3rd or 4th tight end right here in Denver?

Now if Andrew Beck (whom I like to make the squad) or anybody else on the roster has me on Twitter, I probably deserve an earful, but hear me out.

If the Jaguars were to choose not to keep Tim Tebow and the Broncos are left with the choice of bringing Tebow aboard or keeping a 3rd and possibly 4th TE in the form of a bubble guy, could the argument not be made to bring in Tebow?

If Tebow can prove to be a capable blocker then there is little question to me that his athleticism and pedigree with world-renowned work ethic warrants a look from Denver or anyone with a similar roster.

You can line him up at QB on 4th and goal. You can fake punts or kicks. Not to mention if he grows into the TE position who wants to be tasked with bringing down Tebow after the catch?

The point of the story is that regardless of whether anybody thinks Tebow could play NFL quarterback or now transition to NFL tight end at 33 his talent and intangibles can hardly be denied.

Tim Tebow could be an ace in the hole for a creative coach while giving him a chance to work on his TE talents. If not a fit in Jacksonville or back here in Denver he would intrigue me if I were in charge of any number of NFL teams.