Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning will call MNF games after all

Former Denver Broncos QB and Hall of Famer Peyton Manning will be calling games for ESPN and Monday Night Football after all.

The Denver Broncos won’t have any games on Monday Night Football in the 2021 NFL season, but that doesn’t mean there is absolutely no intrigue for Broncos fans. A recent development should have all of Broncos Country tuning in to the alternate broadcast of ESPN’s Monday Night Football, which will be hosted by Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.

This is absolutely huge news in the broadcasting arena and a massive get for ESPN. Peyton Manning was apparently turning down some massive TV offers in recent years and if Tony Romo is making $17-18 million per year at CBS, how much are the Manning brothers making from ESPN for 10 games?

As of now, that’s beside the point.

If you’re the regular Monday Night crew led by Steve Levy, Brian Griese (another former Broncos QB), Louis Riddick, Lisa Salters, and John Parry, you’ve got to be a bit beside yourself at this news. With the Manning brothers calling the game on ESPN2, who in the world is going to watch the standard ESPN broadcast?

With all due respect to the “traditional telecast” crew, there is simply no contest. Listening to Peyton and Eli Manning talk football for three hours is must-see TV, and to have their unique perspective on a live game? Even better.

What will also be fascinating is having additional celebrities and players join the broadcast. As good as the traditional telecast crew are at their respective jobs, the MegaCast with Peyton Manning and Eli is going to be must-see TV.

Although Peyton won’t be calling any Denver Broncos games, his insight into other teams and players will be fascinating. It’s been tough sledding for Monday Night Football in recent years and having Peyton Manning is likely going to revitalize that brand. Having him for just 10 games might be a slight bummer, but it’s better than the zero they had previously.