The Denver Broncos should sign Le’Veon Bell, and here’s why

Denver Broncos 2021 offseason - Le'Veon Bell (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos 2021 offseason - Le'Veon Bell (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

Circulating the Twitter-verse over the past few days has been former Pittsburgh Steeler standout, typical New York Jet, and non-existent Kansas City Chief, Le’Veon Bell. Surprise, he is in the news again for something other than being a productive running back. What does this have to do with the Denver Broncos? More on that in a moment.

In recent comments in regards to his tenure with the Kansas City Chief, Bell stated he stated he “would not play for Andy Reid again.” Claiming that he would even retire first, there is clearly bad blood between the two.

While Bell has certainly been an overall question mark since his final days, in situations like this, I try to keep my input neutral. It is honestly an unfavorable look for both Bell and Reid, but looks can be deceiving.

Le’Veon Bell has been all over the place, but so has Andy Reid. From retaining Tyreek Hill in a monstrosity of a case to employing his son who was just charged with a DUI for an accident that saw almost saw a fatality.

In a follow-up, Bell was quoted saying:

"I said what I said & I don’t regret at all what I said…for those who have a PERSONAL PROBLEM with me because of what I SAID, that’s fine…you have your right! just understand I ALSO have MY RIGHT for how I feel about MY PERSONAL problem with dude because of what HE SAID to me.”Le’Veon Bell"

Did Andy Reid cross a line in criticizing or speaking to Bell, or is this another Bell charade? It seems only time will answer that question. For things to escalate as quickly they did, I wouldn’t expect it to halt here.

It’s probably bad timing to discuss the possibility of bringing Le’Veon Bell to the Denver Broncos, but he does have some intrigue hovering above him.

In his prime, Bell would have been an ideal candidate for Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. His big-bodied, find the hole and press mentality could have made Shurmur a very happy camper.

In previous years, Shurmur has also utilized his running backs out of the backfield, but that wasn’t the case last year for Broncos Country. Was there a reason for the lack of running back screens that didn’t involve an actual Broncos running back? The majority of the blame could be placed on former Denver Broncos’ right tackle Demar Dotson.

That is not a dig at the sturdy Dotson, as he played sufficiently after the now Baltimore Raven, Ja’Wuan James, sat the year out due to covid concerns. Athleticism just crippled Dotson, which in hand stalled the Denver Broncos offense at times.

In three of his five years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Le’Veon Bell hauled in at least 75 receptions. With his aging attributes, would Bell be a good addition to this Denver Broncos roster?

For any of this to even be considered, I would start with initiating a trade for current Denver Broncos running back Royce Freeman. Broncos Country Tonight’s Benjamin Albright mentioned on air that the San Fransisco 49ers would be an ideal pairing.

Along with the Cleveland Browns, Freeman would bring the value of a seventh-round pick to either roster. Whether it is backing up Nick Chubb or the tandem of Raheem Mostert and Wane Gallman, Freeman carries value.

On a still very cheap rookie contract, Freeman could actually push for major snaps in the 49ers offense but would be good insurance for the Browns.

Along with the movement of the current fourth-string running back, for the Denver Broncos to show interest in Bell, something unfortunate and unseen would have to happen to one of the top three guys.

Hypothetically, if first-year GM George Paton decides that he wants rookie running back Javonte Williams to see the bulk of touches, Melvin Gordon could potentially find himself in a dicey situation. If Gordon were for some reason be cut, then maybe I’d consider adding Bell to this talented roster.

Needless to say, it would take a lot for the Denver Broncos to show interest in Le’Veon Bell, but crazier things have happened.