Denver Broncos: CBS ranks team’s offensive trio in bottom three

Denver Broncos roster - Drew Lock. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos roster - Drew Lock. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

The Denver Broncos have a seemingly talented roster all across the board. Unfortunately, they just haven’t been able to put together wins, which is obviously the most important stat. From wide receiver to running back to the additions the team made on defense, this team could be phenomenal.

But the quarterback position is what people focus on the most.

That’s what CBS pointed to in their recent “offensive trio rankings” where they ranked every team’s trio of starting quarterback, starting running back, and wide receiver one.

CBS pointed out that while Courtland Sutton will be returning to the lineup and be available for Drew Lock to throw to, the fact that Lock might still be the quarterback of the Denver Broncos in 2021 will keep the team at this ranking. The only way they are higher on the list is if the Broncos acquire Aaron Rodgers.

It makes sense.

While most people only see wins, losses, and interceptions thrown on a quarterback’s track record, they neglect to see the good. While the rumors of Rodgers overtake the minds of many people, Lock and Teddy Bridgewater are the team’s quarterbacks right now.

At 29, CBS put the New York Jets, who have a projected trio of rookie quarterback Zach Wilson, rookie running back Michael Carter, and former Titans wide receiver Corey Davis.  Jacksonville with rookie first overall pick Trevor Lawrence at quarterback is ranked 24th.

It’s unclear how many people did these rankings but what is clear is that not all of the writers ranked Denver at the 30th slot. With an average ranking of 29.1, it’s not that big of an upgrade, but hey, it is something to note because there are some teams that some of the writers feel are worse off with their trio.

The potential of Melvin Gordon and Courtland Sutton is there and they have done very well in the league for as long as they have been in it. Courtland Sutton has proven to be a top wide receiver for the team while Gordon did well sharing carries with Phillip Lindsay in 2020. Now it is Gordon’s job, and Javonte Williams’ job to take from him. That could very well happen later down the road during the 2021 season.

Will we see a Josh Allen-type jump from Lock in 2021? 2022? How long will the Broncos believe in Lock before pulling the plug and drafting another quarterback? Will they make a blockbuster trade for one? Those are questions that need to be answered sooner than later, one way or another.