Denver Broncos: Aaron Rodgers standoff could last months

Possible Denver Broncos FA target Leonard Floyd. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
Possible Denver Broncos FA target Leonard Floyd. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports /

The Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers are at a standoff. Who will be the first one to crack? None of us know for sure when the Aaron Rodgers saga will officially come to an end. As I have said in previous pieces and on my podcast, many national media people with credible sourcing have given conflicting opinions on this situation.

There are some who truly believe that A-Rod is done in Green Bay and some who believe he will return to the team.

As the 2021 NFL off-season progresses, we get closer to the June 2nd date that many people in Broncos Country are latching on to. But why?

June 2nd is the first day that the Packers would realistically be able to trade Aaron Rodgers for salary cap purposes. The dead money they would incur from trading him is much less post-June 2nd than it would be pre-June 2nd.

This means that the Packers wouldn’t make a theoretical trade official until that June 2nd date comes.

June 2nd is just a short couple of weeks away, and I have seen many people in Broncos Country say things like ‘let’s just wait until we get to June 2nd to see what happens.’

The truth is, though, is that the standoff between Rodgers and the Packers may extend well beyond June 2nd, maybe even into July, and at that point, there is still no guarantee that he’ll be traded.

We’ve seen rumors that the Packers are adamant about not trading Rodgers, essentially forcing the QB to either sit out for 2021 or retire, which apparently could happen.

It was clear that Aaron Rodgers enjoyed guest-hosting Jeopardy, and if the Packers were to not trade him, he could simply retire and become the new Jeopardy host.

Or, if Rodgers still does want to play, there is literally zero guarantee that the Packers will meet his demands. We’ve already heard GM Brian Gutekunst say that Jordan Love has a long way to go, so they surely would want A-Rod back for one more year until Love is ready.

Rodgers also enjoyed the best season of his career, and the Packers surely still recognize that he has at least another year of elite play.

Both Aaron Rodgers and the Packers seem to be dug into their respective positions. The Packers do not want to trade the QB, and Aaron wants out.

Just because June 2nd pops up on our calendars does not mean a trade will be announced.

Now, could a trade have already been agreed upon by the Packers and another team? Yeah, that’s possible, but it isn’t likely.

My advice to Broncos Country would be to not get overly excited once we get to June 2nd.  There is still a lot of off-season left, and the Packers still appear to want to fix this situation.

I could be wrong, and we could get a trade in a couple of weeks, but let’s err on the side of caution here.