Denver Broncos: Does the team love Justin Fields or Trey Lance?

Denver Broncos 2021 NFL Draft, Justin Fields. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos 2021 NFL Draft, Justin Fields. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

Justin Fields or Trey Lance could be the next quarterback of the Denver Broncos at the conclusion of the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Signs are hinting at the idea that the team is really quite interested in the quarterbacks.

Sayre Bedinger posed the question of whether or not the team should attend a school’s second Pro Day. It appears that they will.

According to Mike Klis, they will attend Ohio State’s second Pro Day on Wednesday. They reportedly sent offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, as well as director of pro personnel A.J. Durso.

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day said prior to the National Championship Game that his goal was to acquire players and then deciding how to adapt the playbook to fit the players’ skill set.

When it comes to Fields, you not only have a passer who had a 68.4 completion percentage in college (including a 2020 season where he completed 70.2 percent of his passes), but you also have a player that can use his running ability. That will be a phenomenal asset in the NFL for Fields, especially for an offensive coordinator such as Shurmur.

Shurmur is no stranger to a quarterback makeover.

Fields provides that extra dimension in his game that these other quarterbacks in the tweet above do not/did not. The closest thing to a solid runner on that list is probably Lock. But Lock is the quarterback that the next quarterback (possibly Fields) is going to replace—if that’s the direction they ultimately decide to go.

According to Klis, the Broncos are also expected to send Shurmur to North Dakota State’s second Pro Day, featuring Trey Lance.

The move-up would be pricey, but is Justin Fields worth it?

Hypothetically, the Denver Broncos would have to move up to the fourth overall pick in order to be able to select Fields. That is if one of those four teams decides they would be okay drafting the fifth option: Mac Jones.

Another scenario is one of the teams being more interested in Jones than Fields. That would be the ultimate win for the Denver Broncos, in my opinion.

I’m a big fan of Fields’ skills and think they would be wise to make that move.

However, if they had to trade up, the big question is what do they have to give up?

Obviously, the ninth pick would be in that conversation. There’s no way around that.

Adding to that, the move up would probably cost somewhere in the range of an additional first-rounder, a couple of second-round picks, and another pick, probably no later than a third-round pick.

That is a very hefty price to select a rookie, especially with the positive things that have been said about Drew Lock by multiple people.

The thing is, if the Broncos truly are in love with Fields, they will do what it takes to get him.

The unfortunate thing in this situation is that the jury is still out on Lock. If Lock had played more, or been drafted in a year prior to 2018, the Broncos would likely have a better idea of what direction they want to go.

If Justin Fields ends up being a franchise quarterback for the Broncos, they look like absolute geniuses. If he looks the same for another team, and Lock continues to struggle, they look silly.

The fact that they are sending Shurmur to Fields’ Pro Day is huge. We do talk about the due diligence of George Paton, but sending somebody else to get their takes on the player is not something to ignore.

Fields will be a franchise quarterback somewhere on Thursday, April 29. The question for Broncos fans is, will it be in orange and blue? The possibility could be growing.