Broncos: Top 11 takeaways from George Paton’s pre-free agency presser

Denver Broncos safety Justin Simmons. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos safety Justin Simmons. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports /
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Deshaun Watson, Denver Broncos
Deshaun Watson, Denver Broncos possible trade target. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

7. Status quo with Deshaun Watson trade rumors

The Deshaun Watson trade rumors aren’t going to go anywhere until the guy is out of Houston.

There is a huge section of Broncos Country that already has their hearts set on the remote possibility of the Broncos landing Watson, but it’s best to pump the brakes.

At his introductory press conference, George Paton declared he would be aggressive but not reckless as a general manager, and that the Broncos would be “in” every deal. A reporter put it out there to Paton that the Broncos were obviously in on Matthew Stafford and they wondered if he would also be in on Deshaun Watson.

Paton, with a smile on his face as the question was asked, responded:

"I can’t discuss other players that are under contract. I appreciate the question. I’ve said before, we’re going to be aggressive and we’re going to be in every deal. It doesn’t mean we’re going to make that deal but we’re going to look into everything whether it is a quarterback or a defensive lineman. Anything that helps our football team we’re going to pursue. George Paton (via Broncos PR)"

Now, trading for Watson would certainly qualify as helping the football team. He is a star player, young, under contract, has a low cap hit in 2021 — all of the reasons Broncos fans want Watson are reasons the Texans have been bullish about not wanting to trade him.

It’s great to hear from Paton (for a second time) that he is going to be aggressive and that the Broncos will be in every deal. They were in on Matthew Stafford, but ultimately they weren’t willing to go to the price the Lions were asking.

This fits the “aggressive but not reckless” mentality.

If the Texans start actually listening to Watson trade offers, we’ll see what happens. For now, Paton obviously cannot comment on him as a specific option for the team, but it’s been reported before that the Broncos would be interested and that Watson himself is interested in the Broncos as well.

This would qualify under the nothing to see here category.