Denver Broncos: Free agent wish list for the 2021 offseason

Matt Milano, 2021 Denver Broncos free agent target. Mandatory Credit: Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Milano, 2021 Denver Broncos free agent target. Mandatory Credit: Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports /

About two months ago, I put together a free agent wish list that I thought the Broncos should consider. Fast forward to now, and while a revised wish list is similar positionally, I’ve altered the players quite a bit.

For starters, I had Logan Ryan on my original list, but he re-signed with the New York Football Giants. I also had Quinnen Williams (trade idea) and Jacoby Brissett on my original list, but they have soured on me.

So, let’s take a look at a more revised and possibly more accurate list with free agency on the near horizon.

Denver Broncos free agency wish list for 2021

Matt Milano, LB, Buffalo Bills

Milano would be a great fit for the Denver Broncos. He is fast and solid in coverage, two things the Broncos have needed for years.  He is going into his age-27 season, so he is still young and could realistically come to Denver on a 4-year deal.

It is pretty clear that the Denver Broncos need to upgrade their linebacker corps. Justin Strnad is an intriguing option, but he missed his entire rookie season and it would not be wise to bet on a second-year player who has not taken a snap.

Milano would be a wise move for the Broncos, and he surely would not cost an outrageous amount of money. Not only that, but he’s Italian, which is an added bonus if I do say.

Desmond King, DB, Tennessee Titans

Desmond King had an All-Pro season in 2018, but he has fallen off a bit since then, being shipped to the Titans from the Chargers for a 6th-round pick.

King is rather small at 5’10” but can play in the slot and on the boundary. He also has return abilities and won’t turn 27 until December.

The Denver Broncos would be wise to look to both the draft and free agency to address our secondary, and King can become a long-term answer for us. His having familiarity with the AFC West also plays in our favor.

Andy Dalton, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Ok, so, if the Broncos do not come away with one of the prized possessions at quarterback this offseason, namely Deshaun Watson, Dak Prescott, or even Russell Wilson, I am all for bringing in Andy Dalton as competition for Drew Lock.

I understand that Andy Dalton has reached his peak, is 33, and presents an uninspiring ceiling, but he is precisely what a team would look for in a backup quarterback

He has years of starting experience, has appeared in the playoffs, has had a few Pro Bowl years, and has been on some awful teams, and some great teams.

A lot of people who advocate for a younger backup to challenge Drew Lock do so because they can potentially provide some upside, or even supplant Drew Lock and be ‘the guy.’

One player who fits this description is Sam Darnold, but he won’t be cheap and there are bound to be multiple teams vying for his services.

Another name who fits this mold is Gardner Minshew, who is surely on his way out of Jacksonville as the team prepares to draft Sunsh– I mean, Trevor Lawrence.

I understand why people are advocating for these types of players, rather than an older guy, but I have also seen many Bronco fans pound the table for Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is much older and not nearly as good as Dalton.

I get the appeal with the younger guys, but I would prefer a seasoned vet until Drew Lock can figure this quarterback thing out.

Both Darnold and Minshew haven’t landed on their feet in the NFL. Both are about guaranteed to switch teams in 2020, and that’s mostly because they have yet to prove they can be a franchise quarterback.

So, why would we chase these guys if they are in the same boat as Lock?

Signing Andy Dalton provides the Broncos with actual competition for the position, and, with our usually strong defenses, can make for a wild card team, even if Lock doesn’t figure it out.