6 reasons the Denver Broncos are the best spot for Matthew Stafford

Denver Broncos possible trade target Matthew Stafford. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos possible trade target Matthew Stafford. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports /
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Denver Broncos, Matthew Stafford
Denver Broncos trade target Matthew Stafford. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports /

Every NFL team wants to find their long-term answer at the quarterback position. Until you have an answer at the quarterback position, being competitive is really just a pipe dream. The Denver Broncos and new general manager George Paton have to figure out rather quickly what the team’s direction at quarterback for 2021 and beyond is going to be.

The Denver Broncos’ current quarterback is Drew Lock, who played in 13 games this past season with 2,933 yards, 16 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions. Lock was essentially playing in his “rookie” season in 2020 with very difficult circumstances and the youngest supporting cast in the entire league.

The growing pains were difficult, as many expected, but were they tolerable enough for the Denver Broncos — under the new management of George Paton — to pass on a player like Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions, who is available?

Paton has a history in Minnesota of finding quarterbacks every which way, including making bold moves through the NFL Draft, free agency, and via trade.

John Elway made arguably the greatest move of any NFL executive in the last few decades (maybe ever) when he acquired Peyton Manning in the 2012 free agent signing period.

It will be fascinating to see what unfolds with Stafford in Detroit regardless of how much the Denver Broncos end up being involved. The oddsmakers seem to think Denver has a really good chance of trading for him.

Pressing forward with Lock in a second year with Pat Shurmur is still the preferred option of plenty in Broncos Country, but the reality is that the Denver Broncos could pursue Stafford now that he’s looking for a new team.

If there’s a sweepstakes happening, what makes Denver the best fit?

Here are a few of the major reasons the Denver Broncos would be Stafford’s best destination even up against other teams that finished better than did the Broncos in 2020.

Why the Denver Broncos are the best fit for Matthew Stafford

6. Colorado vs. other possible destinations

This may seem fairly minor in comparison to the “football” reasons for acquiring a player like this, but there is no question that Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly will be weighing the different cities they could possibly land together if the Detroit Lions give him any sort of say in where he goes.

It would make sense for them to do so given the fact that Stafford is probably the best quarterback in franchise history.

If the Lions let Stafford have a say in things, the amount of say that his wife Kelly could have in things cannot be overstated. The Staffords were in Colorado recently taking a vacation, and there is no doubt about the appeal of living in Colorado over the long-term. Peyton Manning made Colorado his permanent area of residence after his playing days with the Broncos and others who have come through Denver before have made it their permanent residence.

Looking at this as both a career move and lifestyle change, the advantages of living in Colorado for a season of life versus other areas of the country have to be considered, especially if the Lions are affording Stafford any sort of say in the matter.