Denver Broncos: Options to replace John Elway as general manager

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John Elway, Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos GM John Elway. (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Denver Broncos: Options to replace John Elway as general manager.

There’s never a dull moment with the Denver Broncos, is there?

After 10 years on the job, John Elway is stepping aside as the general manager of the Broncos and taking on an “elevated” role in the organization.

For the first time since the 2011 offseason, the Broncos will enter an offseason looking for someone to be in charge of making final decisions about personnel, and even back then, everyone knew Elway would wind up being the guy.

Who are the Broncos going to target this time around?

The bombshell of all offseason bombshells was dropped as the team announced not only is Elway stepping aside as general manager, but VP of Player Personnel Matt Russell (Elway’s no. 2) is retiring to focus on family.

There is such a massive can of worms to be opened speculating over what Elway’s next step with the team could be, or if he’s truly going to spend the next year just grooming the person who is taking his place.

Perhaps Elway will be spending this next year focusing the majority of his time on eventual ownership or co-ownership of the team. Let your imagination run wild…

For the time being, who is going to replace Elway as general manager of the Denver Broncos?

Let’s dive into the likeliest candidates.

1. Adam Peters (49ers)

Adam Peters spent time with the Broncos from 2009-16 before he was ultimately hired away by John Lynch and the San Francisco 49ers.

Peters’ current role with the 49ers is VP of Player Personnel, and he was the director of college scouting in his final role with the Broncos.

Peters’ history with the Broncos and obvious desire to have a full-time GM role would certainly make him a top candidate for the job opening in Denver if he wants it.

Will the Broncos be able to lure Peters away from other job opportunities around the league? Denver’s GM position is not the only vacancy around the league right now and Peters has connections with Matt Rhule in Carolina already.

A lot could come down to what Peters — or any candidate with competition from other teams — believes about the incumbents on the roster.

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