Denver Broncos: 2021 NFL Draft 7-round mock draft

Denver Broncos 2021 NFL Draft prospect Caleb Farley. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Denver Broncos 2021 NFL Draft prospect Caleb Farley. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports /
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Malcolm Koonce, Denver Broncos
PISCATAWAY, NJ – SEPTEMBER 22: Malcolm Koonce #50 of the Buffalo Bulls puts the finishing touch on the sack against Giovanni Rescigno #17 of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights during the fourth quarter at Stadium on September 22, 2018 in Piscataway, New Jersey. Buffalo won 42-13. (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images) /

Pick 203. Malcolm Koonce, OLB, Buffalo, 6’3″ 248 lbs

Malcolm Koonce has good size for the outside linebacker position and will add more depth to an already deep unit. Koonce could give the Denver Broncos a trade piece if he can develop into a solid pass rusher under Von Miller and Bradley Chubb.

The Broncos have historically taken late-round fliers on guys with the measurable at the outside linebacker position, and Koonce could be another late-round target for the Broncos. Jeremiah Attouchu will be an Unrestricted Free Agent at the end of the season per Overthecap and could look for a starting opportunity with another team.

Additionally, Malik Reed‘s contract expires at the end of the 2021 season, and may also pursue a starting gig in free agency. The Denver Broncos may choose to trade Reed before the trade deadline and recoup some value from him.

Overall, adding more depth to a strength certainly won’t hurt the Denver Broncos, especially with a late-round flier in Koonce. While Koonce may never fill a starting role, his presence as a backup could give the Broncos peace of mind when thinking about trade situations in the future.

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Pick 214. D’Eriq King, QB, Miami, 5’10” 195 lbs

D’Eriq King would be an intriguing option for the Denver Broncos if they are looking to add a gadget player to their offense. Many believe King will have to commit to playing a new position to get drafted, but King could be a fun option to change up the current offense the Broncos run.

The New Orleans Saints have experimented with adding a dynamic quarterback into their offense and have seen success with the unconventional style of play. While King may not be Taysom Hill, he is an electric player with the ball in his hands and could add a new element to the Broncos’ offense.

Pat Shurmur doesn’t use pre-snap motion as a mainstay of his offense like the San Fransisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs, but adding a player like D’Eriq King may help him get creative with the offense. Using King out of the backfield and to receive jet-sweeps could give the Broncos a dynamic element to their offense.

King isn’t renowned for his passing ability, but he can certainly hit an open receiver downfield. Using King as a wildcat quarterback, or even on gimmick plays would be another wrinkle for the Broncos to add to their offense.

The Denver Broncos likely aren’t interested in bringing in a quarterback like D’Eriq King, even in the late rounds. However, if the Broncos want to add a new element to their offense, King would be an interesting fit and would certainly add to a middling offense.

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