Broncos Fanzone: Quick takes with Linda Godfrey

As the Broncos prepare to face the Dolphins, I chat with Linda Godfrey ahead of the critical matchup.

The Denver Broncos are in a tough situation going into their final seven games of the 2020 season. My best hope is that they would have won one of their recent two games against the Falcons or the Raiders. But that did not happen. Now the Broncos are currently sitting at 3-6.

They will likely need to win out the remainder of their games if they are going to have any chance at a playoff spot. In all seriousness, I do not see that happening. But anything can happen. It just sounds very unlikely.

In what will be the final home game of 2020 with fans, the Broncos will welcome the Miami Dolphins, who have really turned it up over the last few games. Can Denver slow down their offense? Only time will tell.

The fanzone does continue as I got the chance to chat with Linda Godfrey. She is a host on the Fantasy Football Confidential podcast. I got to sit down with her and get her takes on the Broncos.

Ty: Denver was absolutely crushed by the Raiders. What went wrong in that game?

Linda: The question is, what didn’t go wrong? Let’s start with Phillip Lindsay only getting four carries the entire game. You have to win both through the air and on the ground. And we didn’t even try on the ground. That is an issue.

Ty: Drew Lock has really struggled lately. What is your assessment of him as he closes in on a full season?

Linda: Well, he was injured. I am never going to say “he’s not the guy” unless the brass says he is not. I want Lock to be good. He has flashes. But he works so well in a fast pace offense and we do not let him play that way. The fact that Denver doesn’t do what works for him is frustrating. I’m not ready to give up on him, but I want to see more.

Ty: How did your love for the Denver Broncos begin?

Linda: I did not watch a lot of NFL growing up. We watched college football. Sunday, it was golf. I had a best friend in third grade. I slept over at her house one Saturday and the Broncos were on Sunday, so we watched that. I kind of adopted it into my identity. When I started playing fantasy football, I was watching football a lot. I really dug into my Broncos fandom over the last six to seven years.

Ty: The Broncos are set to face the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. What do you believe it will take to get the win?

Linda: Our special teams will need to show up. Miami’s special teams is a monster unit. You do not hear it a lot, but special teams matter. Our offensive line and defensive line will need to show up too. Shut down Devante Parker and stop the running backs of the Dolphins, that will be crucial. 

Ty: Is there a player on the Broncos roster that needs to step up on Sunday?

Linda: The obvious answer is Drew Lock. He had a really rough game on Sunday. He’s is going to need to show up for every game for the rest of the season, as he does in fourth-quarter situations. On defense, I just hope our secondary shows up. 

Thank You Linda for taking the time out to chat with me. If you want to watch the full interview, you can view it here. Let’s go Broncos.