Denver Broncos: Five quarterback options if Drew Lock isn’t the guy

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Denver Broncos, Drew Lock

Drew Lock, Denver Broncos (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

John Elway could be on the search for a new Denver Broncos quarterback next year if Drew Lock stalls out. Here are five options he should consider.

Through one and a half seasons with the Denver Broncos, Drew Lock has shown glimpses of what could be, but due to the small sample size, it has been just that: glimpses. If the small sample size doesn’t give John Elway confidence in the former Missouri product, he could be on the lookout for a new face of the franchise in the 2021 offseason, and there are a few reputable options on the table.

Now, let’s get a few things clear before we dive into potential replacements.

First, I am not saying Drew Lock isn’t the answer, I am merely speculating that if the Denver Broncos deem that he isn’t, there are guys they could be looking at.

Second, whether or not he is the answer is clear depends heavily on how much we actually get to see Drew Lock play, which through two seasons, hasn’t been much due to injuries.

And finally, third, I hope that the following five options ultimately don’t matter because hopefully Drew Lock returns from his injury and shows the franchise that he is the one to lead the Denver Broncos for the next decade.

With that being said, let’s dive into five quarterback options that John Elway and Denver Broncos should look at this offseason if Drew Lock isn’t the guy.

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