Broncos Fanzone: Quick takes with Hannah McNally

As the Denver Broncos prepare for the Bucs, I chat with Hannah McNally and get her takes on the state of the team.

At 0-2, the Denver Broncos need to get something going in order to avoid an 0-3 start to the year. However, both losses were by five points or less. It is somewhat interesting that they are right there. It all comes down to executing down the final minutes of the game. Not to mention the two losses have been against teams that are likely going to the postseason.

Now, Tampa Bay comes to town. Tom Brady and the Bucs offense will look to play a little bit of a spoiler. One thing that the Broncos have going for them in regards to the game is that Denver has a winning record against Brady. They are the only team to be able to say that.

Will that trend continue on Sunday? It remains to be seen. But here is to hoping. As for my next guest on the Denver Broncos Fanzone, I am chatting with Hannah McNally. She is another Broncos fan that I had the chance to have some conversations with while we have been stuck in this pandemic.

Let us check out and see what she has to say about the Broncos.

Ty: Denver has lost another close game. With all the injuries that were suffered, is there anything from the game that gave you hope?

Hannah: Noah Fant gives me hope! And honestly seeing the offensive line (okay Garret Bolles) playing well makes me see the potential this team has.

Ty: From what you saw of Jeff Driskel, do you believe he can keep the ship afloat until Lock returns?

Hannah: I worry that the Jeff Driskel glimpse we saw was more the team “rallying” around the quarterback after Drew got hurt, and that that may wear off. There is a reason Jeff is not a starter, and I worry that we will see that before too long. Deep down the rest of the team has to feel the impact of those injuries.

Ty: With two close losses, what do you believe the coaching staff needs to do better to turn those close losses into wins?

Hannah: That’s a tough question to answer because I think the two losses were completely unrelated. The first one to me was absolutely more on the coaching staff, had you had better clock management at the end, we could’ve potentially been in field-goal range and the outcome might’ve been different. The second loss seemed more like a combination of injuries, and the offense not doing a great job of protecting Jeff. While I did say that I think Bolles is doing better, Driskel spent a lot of the game under pressure. Elijah Wilkinson is really struggling, and I think the offensive line coaches need to work with him more.

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Ty: The Broncos welcome the Buccaneers to Denver. What do you believe the team needs to do to secure a win?

Hannah: A win against Tampa Bay is going to be hard to come by. That defense is more talented than I think people give them credit for, they gave Drew Brees a run for his money in week one. The offensive line needs to give Driskel enough time to make plays, and I expect we will need a forced turnover or two by the defense to come out with a W.

Thank You Hannah for taking the time out to chat with me. Hope the Broncos can get that win over Tom Brady. Go Broncos!