Broncos Fanzone: Quick takes with Nicholas Manning

In the next Broncos fanzone, I chat with Predominantly Orange writer Nicholas Manning and get his takes on the team.

The Denver Broncos are set to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2 of the NFL season. After a heartbreaking loss to the Tennessee Titans, the Broncos are entering a must-win game. Having their divisional opponents all win last week, the last thing they need is to fall behind two games in the division.

It will not come easy to get a victory as Denver is going up against a Steelers team that could be a strong playoff contender in 2020. Not only that, but they must also go to the east coast to play them. The Broncos have struggled quite a bit with the northeastern games.

The dreaded 11:00 AM mountain standard time games have not been kind to the Broncos. For one reason or another, they cannot get that early win. It also does not help that the team is struggling with injuries.

A.J. Bouye was placed on injured reserve with a shoulder injury and Phillip Lindsay will be out with a toe injury. Adding on the fact that Von Miller is already gone due to injury, it has not been a great start.

Denver needs a miracle win. A win here could give them some momentum going forward. But without further ado, let us get to our guest. I am chatting with Nicholas Manning, who is a writer here at Predominantly Orange. He also is a co-host at the Orange and Brew podcast. Go check it out!

Let us take a look and see what he has to say about the Broncos.

Ty: The Broncos suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Titans. What do you believe was the reason(s) behind the loss?

Nicholas: I think the Broncos lost for a few reasons. First and foremost, clock management. Not only did Vic Fangio misplay the use of timeouts at the end of the game, Drew Lock consistently snapped the ball with 10 or more seconds on the clock that gave Tennessee the comfort of the clock. Also, not capitalizing on goal-to-go situations really cost this team points. 

Ty: In your own eyes, how was Drew Lock in his first opening day start?

Nicholas: I thought Drew played well. People need to remember he is playing his 6th NFL game, and he’s only had 3 preseason games in two years. He also missed more than half of 2019 with an injury, so his experience is lacking. He showed poise and command of the offense. He did not turn the ball over, which gave this team a chance to win. He does need to continue remaining strong in the pocket. He drifts which causes him to miss-time throws.

Ty: As a Broncos fan, how did your love for the team begin? 

Nicholas: Grew up in Colorado, and played football early. I was born in 83, so I knew in Denver was John Elway. The Broncos were the end all be all in our region, and I couldn’t get enough. It was and has been a part of the culture here. When I moved out of state for a small time, seeing the Broncos on TV reminded me of home. The team will always be synonymous with Colorado, and I love it here. 

Ty: The Broncos are set to face the Pittsburgh Steelers. What does the team need to do to get the win?

Nicholas: The team needs to get pressure. Ben will throw some passes Tannehill wouldn’t. He will make more plays, but the Broncos will have a chance at a few picks early. The team also needs to run the ball effectively. That will slow down the Steelers pass rush, which is really good. Do those things and the team has a good chance to steal a win.

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Ty: Which Broncos player do you believe will be key in getting the win on Sunday?

Nicholas: Drew Lock. I think this is still a QB league. If he plays better than Big Ben, the team gets a win. Or… Ojemudia. If he can hold up on the opposite corner spot like he did Monday night, the team has a good chance of slowing down the Steelers’ potent offense. 

Thank You Nicholas for taking the time out to chat with me. Go check out his work here on Predominantly Orange! Go Broncos!