Broncos camp: 3 things to be excited about, 3 things to be worried about

Denver Broncos, Drew Lock (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos, Drew Lock (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /
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2. Injuries are (of course) mounting

The Denver Broncos have been fortunate through the first 10 days of training camp to not have a rush of terrible injuries as many teams often do to open training camp each year.

The worst up to this point are tight end Austin Fort (knee) and linebacker Justin Strnad (wrist) who have suffered season-ending injuries, but even injuries that aren’t of the season-ending variety can be concerning especially with so little time to get ready for regular season action.

Todd Davis is working his way back from a calf injury, a concern because he injured his calf last year around this time as well.

The linebacker position has been depleted enough that the Broncos had to move Justin Hollins to inside linebacker.

The most significant injury that isn’t season-ending is a hamstring injury suffered by rookie receiver KJ Hamler. Hamler is expected to miss potentially close to a month with that injury, and of course, hamstring injuries for skill players have to be watched closely and treated with extreme caution.

If the timeline holds, Hamler’s injury would linger at least two games into the regular season.

It’s not atypical for training camp to bring unfortunate injury news, but it always creates a bit of worry even if injuries are opportunities for other players on the roster.