KJ Hamler’s production to be slowed down due to injury

KJ Hamler, Denver Broncos(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
KJ Hamler, Denver Broncos(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

KJ Hamler will be forced to miss time with a hamstring injury that could hurt his development.

Training camp started a few days ago and the Denver Broncos have already suffered a pretty significant blow to the offense. Rookie second round receiver KJ Hamler will be sidelined for a couple weeks due to a hamstring injury.

This came after it was noticed that he was not at Thursday’s practice. Normally, it means that a player had something come up. Most commonly, it is an injury. That happened to be the case with Hamler.

For a wide receiver, having a hamstring injury can slow down production. Until it is one hundred percent healed, Hamler most likely will be operating at half his speed. And that says a lot seeing as how quick he can be.

With him being sidelined, the Broncos will need to figure out what to do with his production. The team will need to cut the roster down to 53 players in a little more than two weeks from now. This would be a great opportunity for some players to step up.

KJ Hamler’s spot on the roster is safe, but he will lose valuable reps.

It is never fun to have some of your training camp reduced because of an injury. It is even worse for college rookies who are trying to learn the NFL playbook and the various amount of objectives they need to fulfill.

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What I will be curious to find out is how will Hamler do recovering from the injury? Something else to keep in mind is how long the injury will sideline him for. With the start of the regular season just under a month away, it will be important for him to be as ready as he can be. But recovery is important as well.

Wishing KJ Hamler all the best in his recovery.